Every night I ALMOST forget to blog. It’s literally 11:43 pm and I just remembered.

Kind of a quiet day today. I woke up this morning and did my Friday BRAND Press Release that I usually distribute to WrestlingInc.com, WrestleZone.com and the HuffingtonPost.com. I really like to personally thank all three of those great sites for promoting what we do here. Obviously, many of the IWC sites don’t even mention Vince Russo, or The Brand for that matter, being that their wrestling philosophy doesn’t match up to mine. Oh, well, I guess those are the consequences you pay when you don’t fall in line, or reform.

From there, Jeff and I recorded Anything But Freakin’ Rasslin’, we usually record that show early Friday morning. After that, I just did some promoting of The Brand, something that I do every, single day. Promoting on social media is vital to our growth—and even though it does get tiresome at times . . . you just can’t stop. Once I had a few hours under my belt, I watch a bit of the Cubs-Rangers game until I nodded off for a few.

Really looking forward to shooting some shows with New Revolution Wrestling tomorrow. God, it’s probably been a good five years at least since I worked “backstage” at a wrestling show. It’s going to be special, not only because I haven’t done it in a while, but because I’ll be doing it in my own backyard, in a state that I have grown to love over the past nine years. If you live Rocky Mountain High—I hope you come out to see us.

I have to get up in the early am to write my weekend blog for Fightful.com. I’m going to be talking about a draft I just competed in with Sean Ross Sapp, and what my method was going in. From there, I was asked to put together a WrestleMania card that I would be working towards. One word . . . WHOOPEEE! But, hey man, as I said yesterday—it’s my job and I do my job to the fullest of its capabilities. So in other words—I’ll be putting the best WM card together—that your two eyes have ever seen!

Somebody on twitter tonight actually referred to me as a “pig”. Can you imagine—a “pig”. Man, I wish you really knew just how much I hate hate.

Should have much to report from tomorrow night’s show!~ Have a great night and take a breather tomorrow–I’m sure you deserve it!

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  1. We are not big draft guys over here in the UK as there isn’t really anything to draft but I enjoy both The Brand & Fightful ones you’ve done (and I think you pick a better line-up both times!) So I am very much looking forward to you writing your WM card…as much as know you will probably hate doing it, it will be very enjoyable for us fans.

    Looking forward to hearing how your shows for NRW go and have a great weekend mate!