I need help on this: Can somebody smarten me up and tell me how to find out who unfollowed me on twitter? It would save me MUCH time when cleaning up me account. Just don’t know where to go for that. Thanks.

So, yeah, man–I smoked THE POT before RAW tonight, and I really felt much better about it afterwards. Amy even said she saw a change for the better. For whatever reason, no matter how meaningless the show was at times, I just didn’t care—that is about the best way I can describe it to you. I didn’t get riled up, frustrated—I just didn’t give a !@#$%. Yeah, it definitely took the edge off.

Just know that I do live in Colorado, and everything I did was perfectly legal. You’d be blown away if you saw all the diversified people who shop at the dispensary. People of all ages—everybody. People are smoking THE POT that you’d never thought would. I saw little, old ladies in there for cryin’ out loud!!! Also know—I like to entertain. I really like to see how far I can go with things. At 55, I still long to be different—at one time I never wanted to be like the other dads–now—I never want to be like the other old men!!!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a light day. Wednesday I have three podcasts to do back-to-back-to back. Old friends Robbie E. and Mr. Anderson are returning to the show—both of those interviews should be highly entertaining as always.

I have a feeling I’m gonna sleep like a baby tonight!


  1. Glad THE POT took the edge off of watching RAW and it helped you relax! After watching the SWERVE episode with Val Venis, I asked my wife about smoking pot as I have great difficulty switching off at night & getting a good night sleep. She reminded me though that I have an addictive personality so it probably wasn’t a good idea…plus it is illegal over here! Ha.

    Oh well, will now just enjoy you smoking it for our entertainment…and for your peace of mind.

    Hope you feel ok in the morning. I will eagerly wait to watch RAW LIVE when it is up on RELM.

    Take care bro.

  2. I didn’t even make it to the end of the 12 man tag before I fell asleep. No amount of smoking can keep me awake through all that boredom. I genuinely wanted to try to watch it live, as it been several months since I did so. I figured that Vince had a brilliant idea with smoking during the show yet I tried it and still couldn’t entertain myself enough to stay awake.