EXTREMELY AGGRAVATED that someone FLAGGED my Bubba Kush Video and reported me to YouTube, causing them to put an age restriction on it. I IMMEDIATELY contacted YT and told them that I did absolutely NOTHING illegal in the video because Bubba is LEGAL in the state of Colorado. I would have NEVER made that video if what I was doing was illegal and I stated that NUMEROUS times. I am waiting back on their response.

Had a really enjoyable interview with Ken Anderson today. We really hit upon some hot topics. Kenny is one of those guys who’s just about as honest as they come, that’s why I love talking to him. That will be up on The Swerve in a few weeks.

Spoke to VJ today, hadn’t seen, or heard from him since the 4th. Doing good at his new job—seems to be really enjoying it there.

Man, sometimes I really can’t believe how much in the past I really do live, until I really analyze my days. Today, I bought some NEW music–Journey, Janis Joplin, The Who, Oasis and REM. Then I watched a concert on VH1 Classics–Elvis Costello and the Imposters. But, I wasn’t done just yet. From there I watched Jerry Seinfeld’s first appearance on The Johnny Carson Show from 1982. What was epic about this was that Johnny actually called him JEFF–TWICE! Victoria Principle was also on the show. Bro—I was absolutely in TOTAL LUST with her during my college days.

Why do you think I get so hot when the NIMRODS say that I actually try to be “relevant. Are you !@#$%^ kidding me!!! If I could snap my fingers and be back in the 70’s, I’d do it in a New Yawk minute! God, man, everything was just so much better than—EVERYTHING! The only thing that I actually would have sent to me BACK FROM THE FUTURE is my beloved RiRi. There was NO Rhianna back in the 70’s—no one even close.

Gisnts lost their 5th in a row today. They absolutely SUCK!!!

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  1. Glad that you’ll be having Ken Anderson on the show soon as every podcast I’ve listened to him on has been really good.

    Excited to hear that Raven is on the Swerve today…that guy is entertaining.

    Anyway, hope all is well and have a great day.