You’ve seen these talents in Vince Russo’s The Business of The Business (The Reality of Pro Wrestling), now watch them in action on Charged!

With just over a week until NRW’s biggest event in it’s history, Milestone 6, all the stars of NRW are looking to make history and get momentum on their side.

In the opening contents, one of the challengers for the Tag Team Titles, Rolls Royce Isaacs goes one on one with the challenger for Jax Dane, Mario Vanjur.

Curtis Cole will have a huge test at Milestone in a Triple Threat Match for the Charged Title, but tonight faces insurmountable odds against both of the LCG in a Triple Threat match.

And in the Main Event, Titus Machiavelli looks to get ready for his match with Nikita as he steps into the ring with Allie Gato.

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