I cannot tell you how many people I blocked today. I couldn’t even make an estimated guess. I was blocking people from the first thing this morning up until just a few minutes ago. And guess what—to those NIMRODS—I’M STILL HERE. Fresh as a freakin’ daisy and ready to block even more of you imbeciles. Do any of those feeble minded people think they’re going to get the best of me. I’ll stay up 24 hours straight picking the weeds from my garden and flushing them straight down the toilet.

Last night all I simply said was this, “Wrestling as we once knew it is officially over. Finn Balor’s two wins over two heavyweights in the same night—was the final nail in the coffin.”That was the quote. Of course, from there the IWC Nimrod train started rolling. We went from—Why do you HATE Finn Balor, straight to You Killed Owen Hart, then the dozens of David Arquette tweets, a few c**ts along the way, then finally my favorite—-I got called a racist at least 100 times because I jokingly compared Finn Balor to the Lucky Charms Leprechaun. Did you get what I just typed? I got labeled a racists for comparing a WRESTLER to a CARTOON CHARACTER. And, even for how tremendously , insanely stupid that is, my comparison had NOTHING to do with Balor being Irish, it had to do with him LOOKING LIKE A FREAKIN’ LEPRECHAUN TO ME!!! So now we got the cabbie, the landscaper and the FREAKIN’ LEPRECHAUN!!!

I swear Chicken Necks can’t get here soon enough tomorrow. I am going to have a freakin’ FIELD DAY with these BRAINLESS DWEEBS!!!


  1. Don’t allow these nimrods of “IWC” get the best of you. You are better than that Mr.Russo. Every time you get knock down just gotta get back up and stand for what YOU as a human person believes in. Everyone has a different opinion on what wrestling really means and people are misreading what you are saying. In my OWN and fair opinion the entertainment aspect like stories,storylines,original organic promos, CHARACTERS, and all the great things THAT MADE WRESTLING GREAT IN THE FIRST PLACE which is entertainment itself has died in wrestling. On last raw and SD this week so much freaking wrestling let me used that term again wrestling to the point of oblivion that I said where was the entertainment side of wrestling which I reply there was nothing to be seen on both shows,but just wrestling but excluded Bray Wyatt, because HE GETS IT and where TNA with The Final Deletion which is full of entertainment to the point to where it was more entertaining watching that again than watching RAW, because really the only thing Raw had was LONG MATCHES that went into commercial breaks, but a very nice women match on raw. It’s fair to say this WWE forgets, or forgot how the entertainment side of things got them to the dance. Plus, Mr.Russo be the best person YOU can be and don’t allow anyone change who you are that’s why THE BRAND loves you, Vince. At least try to have a nice day!

  2. I don’t get why people got so mad. At least Finn being a leprechaun would explain the Demon; it’s what he turns into when you go after his pot of gold. Maybe, By the Power of Stamford, we’ll get the Cabbie, the Landscaper, and the Leprechaun in a triple threat match for the Master of the Universe Title.
    And Mr. McMahon can debut his new “Skeletor” gimmick as part of the “He-Mangle.”

    Looking forward to Chicken Necks.

  3. Vince when you interact on twitter with those troll “instigators” types everyone else can see it. So you give those scumbags free access to ALL your twitter followers. No one would have ever seen his b*ll***t or known he existed until your response tweets back.
    Just ignore them.