The CW has released the first image of Supergirl’s Superman.  In true DC fashion they waited until AFTER San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) was over to release the image, because why not.

If it were my show I would have released it during SDCC and capitalized on the DC fever that swept the show.  Once I saw the Justice League costumes I absolutely would have released it to show that at least some people kind of understand the source material.

How does it stack up compared to the other DC costumes in the CWDCU?  Glad you asked!


I have to give Supergirl the top spot.  Her costume looks like it came from a comic book.  Green Arrow is next, his is pretty fantastic and functional.  Black Canary was pretty faithful as well.  Martian Manhunter looks similar enough, as did the Hawks and the second Firestorm.  Flash is just…weird and off, especially since it isn’t red!  He can’t be the Scarlet Speedster if he’s maroon.  The ATOM is probably one of the worst, along with the first Firestorm.

For the most part the TV side has done a pretty good job.  The characters, their costumes and personalities are pretty spot on.  Sure, there are misfires, but their batting average is pretty spectacular.

Sadly, they didn’t cast Tom Welling as Superman again.  This guy has the look for it, but something is just off about his face.  Maybe it’s his hair…or the 5 o’clock shadow, but something is just a little off.


First, the positives.  The costume looks more like the mesh Under Armour that Supergirl wears than the weird armor of the movies or comics.  The S-Shield looks fantastic, and it’s rounded!  Thank the gods he has red boots instead of red lines to separate his pants from his feet!

Now, the downsides.  The red is maroon.  Again.  Now, on the show Supergirl’s looks more red, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt for now.  Second, what’s the deal with the boots?  They look off.  If Superman were real, which should be the approach any costume designer with common sense should make, his boots would either be combat boots or wrestling boots.  Heck, maybe even just a pair of socks or spandex since he’s invincible.

Look, this sadly get’s another paragraph…As functional and cool as Kara’s belt is, Clark’s makes no sense.  Without the underwear it’s just for what?  A utility bet?  Again, what’s the thought behind it?  Why would it be there in real life?  What’s so bad about trunks on the costume?  It was designed based on the strongmen of the 30’s, today it would be influenced by the pro wrestlers of the past 30 years, or maybe an NFL uniform.  The final, and biggest problem, is the gold accents and Cobra Commander approach to the cape.  Again, as amazing as Kara’s is, Clark’s makes no sense.

Overall I think it’s pretty good.  It’s better than the movie costume for sure.  It’s also more true to the most recognizable version of Superman than current comics.  I think Kara’s Supergirl costume is fantastic.  I really dig the outline of the shield instead of the full thing.  Superman has to have the whole shield, and his is fantastic.  I really can’t say enough good things about that!  I like it enough right now and I’m sure it will grow on me enough to where I love it in time.  I just don’t understand how DC TV can get so much right, but then you look at the Justice League costumes and see Flash in his Transformer car costume…

What do you all think?  Hit up the comments below and let me know if you agree/disagree/think I’m an idiot.  And before any of you ask, yes I am married and I have children!  And no, I do NOT live in my parents’ basement.