On this episode of the Andre Corbeil Show, Andre Corbeil calls the in-ring action on commentary as TNA ‘Wolves’ member Davey Richards faces Bobby Sharp at RCW Wrestling in a full independent wrestling match! Plus a blindsiding run in by the Canadian Heavyweight Champion Jesse Youngblood in Alberta Canada.

Andre presents a plethora of facts, history & reasons why Bobby Lashley is the most dominate & one of the most credible TNA World Heavyweight Champions & TNA X Division champions in history & possibly the key to Impact Wrestling capturing the casual wrestling viewer, something that has not happened for quite some time. Which X division superstar will stop The Destroyer Bobby Lashley and is it even possible?

Randy Helms answers a multitude of Q&A questions from the likes of wrestling legend & acclaimed pro wrestling trainer Bill DeMott and fans of the Andre Corbeil Show.

Finally Rob Kimball has joined the Andre Corbeil Show! When the show was originally being created, he was the first person Andre asked to join the show. Rob & Andre have worked together in the past, so fans can expect an immediate transition on the new Andre Corbeil Show 43.

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