Dear Diary—I”M BACK!!!

What’s up, loyals? No, I wasn’t slacking off the last couple of days, was just working a show for Modern Vintage Wrestling in Wilmington, North Carolina. Honestly—I had an absolutely blast! Listen, every time I get ready to leave for the road–depression sets in about 2, or 3 days out. I don’t like to travel—I never have. I don’t like planes–I never have. I don’t like leaving the confines of my “happy place”, I never have—however—when I finally reach my destination and I’m mingling and working—it’s tremendous.

Caught up with a lot of old friends, and made some new ones along the way. Don’t want to say much here because I plan on talking about it in detail on Chicken Necks, this week. Spent a lot of time catching up with Matt Stryker, Ron Simmons, New Jack and perhaps the hardest man in the wrestling business—Tommy Dreamer. Also enjoyed a lengthy chat with Amber O’Neil Gallows—sweetheart of a girl. Speaking of SWEETHEARTS, my, oh, my, did they have a couple of hotty-totties there. I’ve got FOUR VIXENS lined up in the coming weeks that are going to KNOCK THE PUMPS OFF YOUR FEET!!! Subscribers of the Relm Network—you know I’m ALWAYS recruiting for you.

Hated that I had to miss New Revolution Wrestling’s MILESTONE 6 this weekend, man, am I really starting to get attached to the workers there. I believe we start taping some TVs on Saturday again. I will put MileStone 6 up on our YouTube channel towards the end of the week!

Man–STOKED Hunter Pence is back for my Giants—they are just a completely different team when he’s on the field!

Well, ta-ta for now—bedtime. Catch up with you all tomorrow.