When are people going to grow the !@#$%^ up and understand when I CRITIQUE a wrestler, that CRITIQUE is aimed at the !@#$%^ CHARACTER and not the actual person? I’m so sick and tired of people being so !@#$%^ stupid. When I discuss Finn !@#$%^ Balor, I am discussing his character—not whoever his real name is. I DON’T KNOW THAT GUY—NEVER MET HIM. God, it’s freakin embarrassing that people can’t differentiate the two. I think the Ross character is a pussy—does that mean I think David Schwimmer is a pussy? Get a !@#$%^ clue—at some point get a !@#$%^ clue.

Zayn’s GIMMICK sucks. OWENS doesn’t have a GIMMICK. There is nothing personal towards those two HUMAN BEINGS. I love !@#$% George Costanza, not a fan of Jason Alexander at all. Do you see the difference? George Clooney SUCKED playing Batman. The actor didn’t fit the character. George Clooney—great actor.

God, man, do you !@#$%^ love the guy that much that you can’t see the difference.

Get off my !@#$%^ back and grow the !@#$% up.