In this episode of Chicken Necks, Vince Russo addresses BIG-TIME heat that has been occurring behind the scenes of late with Jeff Lane, and a contributor to the BRAND, Canada’s (they can have him) Andre Corbeil. In an intervention that was literally planned minutes before the show was taped, the FUR FLIES and Jeff and Andre hold NOTHING BACK as they discuss their many disagreements for the entertainment of the listening audience. As the moderator, Vince, of course, does his best job in stirring the !@#$%!

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  1. Sorry Vince and Jeff but that Andre Corbeil is just f’d.
    The man barely, if at all, acknowledged that he screwed up or that any one thing was his fault. It was excuses, jokes and more excuses. If that was a “work” then…OK… it’s entertainment.
    If he was serious during that entire video then…I don’t know what to say

    For example Vince asked Andre Corbeil a few times “…do you understand that?” yet Andre Corbeil never replied in the affirmative or negative, it was always a stupid joke. Where I come from that is considered disrespect. The entire way Andre Corbeil talks to Vince (owner) and Jeff (executive producer) is disrespectful. Problem is Andre Corbeil must think he is senior to Jeff, within the The Brand structure, for some reason.

    But you guys like him so, I recommend (other than the steps already taken):

    #1) Andre Corbeil immediately create a second Twitter account for personal use (yes it will take time to regain followers but…tough)

    bro…just watched the end of the show and you guys let that dude snake his way on LTB&D!?!?