If you’re a social media enthusiast, then you all know that #WCW is the bat-signal for Woman Crush Wednesday. Now if there is one thing The Brand is missing out on this website, it is the avid appreciation of boobage!

I know this content isn’t for all demographics, and for that, I apologize. Maybe we can get a female here on The Brand who can bring you Man Crush Mondays or Testicle Tuesdays – whatever!

As I’ve been digging through my own vault of content, I found this very popular video entitled, “Having Fun with Traci Brooks and Her Massive Boobs”. As much as I wish it were a video of me juggling the former TNA Knockout’s funbags, this is more along the lines of PG-13 content. Let me give you a little backstory:

While I was booker for NWA Cyberspace, we pretty much ran what could have easily been mistaken as TNA house shows in the New Jersey market. One of our monthly regulars was former TNA Knockout, Traci Brooks.

Traci was an absolute professional, and always willing and able to go the extra mile to do what was best for business. I was fortunate to develop a good friendship with her, but most of all; I earned her respect and trust. As a booker, once you’ve earned that from the talent, the sky is the limit with what you can both come up with creatively. For example, she had ZERO problems taking a vicious “Gore” from Rhyno when I asked her to. As a matter of fact, she put it over as a brilliant idea and sold out the curtain so the entire locker room could see her take it. And when the time came, she took it and sold it better than some of the men I’ve seen take that nasty bump. Traci Brooks is hands-down one of the most underrated female talents in the history of the wrestling business.

I also had to make sure that all the backstage segments were produced properly, and in order to do that, I pretty much had to shoot them myself. This video is an outtake that was never used on the final DVD. While we were waiting to shoot another segment, we had a few minutes of down-time with Traci and local valet/wrestler Tara Charisma. There wasn’t much thought put into the impromptu segment, and Tara was terrible on the mic. While Tara rehearsed what little lines she had to remember, Traci got playful with the camera – and who am I to deprive a stunning beauty of her close-up!

So, Traci jiggled, bounced, and made it difficult for me to walk. And now, I share that experience with you. Enjoy!