I’ve literally done thousands of interviews in my 24 year career. For the most part, they all went above and beyond expectations. Not to blow smoke up my own ass, but I’m pretty f***ing awesome at my job. I march to the beat of my own drum, I say whatever I want to say unfiltered and unapologetically, and I can immediately adapt to any given situation. Nevertheless, the end product is ALWAYS entertaining and ALWAYS unique, compared to the next schmuck who gets star-struck behind the mic and continues to ask the same generic questions.DerekFEATURE

Then you have those days where you’re forced to play the hand you’re dealt. They all can’t be perfect, and you really have no control over some of the subjects you encounter. In those cases you just have to do your best turn dog s*** into ice cream.

Case in point: A few years ago, I was at an MMA Expo in Atlantic City, and I ran into WWE Hall of Famer, Tony Atlas. We chatted for a few, and I noticed he kept looking at my video camera. He asked if I’d mind interviewing him to discuss his new book – which I will NOT promote here because he did plenty of that in the video.

While I’m grateful that Tony wanted to take the time to chat on the record, I really didn’t get much out of him. I tried asking solid questions, but all I got back were dead weight answers. It wasn’t the kind of interview that I expected or wanted, but I figured I might as well use the footage anyway, and at least have a good time with it. The only bonus out of doing this interview is that Tony was kind enough to share with me his infamous female foot fetish.

For the record, I don’t understand foot fetishes. The female body is one of the most incredible works of art known to man. From the curves, the boobage the booty and the ball players dugout – why the f*** would any man want to focus all his attention on just her feet!?!? How do you get off on toe-jam and the smell of sweaty corn chips? Let’s be real, I know the poon-tang can come with its share of funk, but at least you know the payoff is money – unless it’s infected and has more disease than the Outbreak monkey!

Regardless of what your pleasure points are, I still can’t get into the whole feet gimmick. And here’s the kicker (pun intended) – Tony Atlas not only has an obsession with women’s feet AND shoes, but he REALLY got off when they stepped on his face. I S*** YOU NOT! It’s on the video! These chicks are stepping and standing on Tony’s face, and Saba Simba’s spear is rising in his pants! Whatever floats your boat, bro!

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