Vince Russo has taken to the airwaves at 5am to show his dedication and bring his expertise in reporting New Japan Pro Wrestling right here to The Brand! Full results for NJPW G1 Climax 26!



  1. This was an apt recap. I was up when the video released and I thought”oh, yeah I must be up to find out the g1 results” lol. Vince, did you see, according to Cody, one of the first things WWE did to Cody Rhodes after his release was cancel his free network sub? That just proves you’re right. Even at the most insignificant level they can not and will not do the right thing unless it’s for publicity. I also read they cancelled the Flo Ride concert for thursday to kick off the SS weekend. My guess is bit wasn’t going to sell out so they pulled the plug. They’re just so off center, as you have said, that its not even funny. Just sad. I’m only watching through SS and then I’m done with it. I can’t keep hoping for a change.. It’s just depressing to watch it turn into a carnival act.