On today’s episode, Vince Russo talks about friend, and Smashing Pumpkins‘ Front Man, Billy Corgan talking over the day-to-day operations of TNA Wrestling. Having been employed by TNA on three different occasions for nearly a decade, Vince may have a better handle on this then anybody else talking about it.

Also in a special interview Vince talks to Jay Bradley, aka TNA’s Aiden O’Shea, about there being much more to the wrestling business then just his former employer the WWE.

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  1. I’ve got it, a great idea perfect for Glen!
    For one segment on LTB&D Disco is “Mr Vegas”!
    He makes two (only two) NFL picks a week.

    1) Mr Vegas’ Lock of the Week, his “guaranteed” winner
    2) Mr Vegas’ Monday Night Football winner
    (LTB&D drops on PodCast One on monday morning, right?)