Hello my friends and fellow Brand members it’s that time again to take our weekly trip into the wonderfully crazy world of the Sunnyvale Trailer Park and visit our good buddies Julian, Ricky, Bubbles, and the other residents in their outlandish endeavors.

A big trend I’ve been noticing in this season especially is that there are some episodes that focus on a character or characters more so than some of the other ones and in this episode that focus is going to be on Lahey, Randy, and their relationship so let’s go ahead and get things started with the opening scene. Like always there will be *spoilers* so read at your own risk.

The episode begins at Ricky’s lot where he’s barbecuing and talking to the camera crew about how he’s volunteered at Trinity’s school as the head of the Junior Achievers Program which Trinity is a part of and how much he enjoys it because he’s not only helping the students, but he’s also learning things as well that he can apply to the schemes the boys work on. As he’s making pancakes for the kids, Lahey and Randy pull up and Randy jumps out of the car with a camera around his neck and carrying a baseball bat. Randy says there ‘it’ is and it’s not yet clear what that ‘it’ is but when he snaps a picture of the barbeque and mentions that Ricky painted it, we realize Randy is accusing Ricky of stealing his barbeque. Ricky of course denies it while Lahey calls Julian to explain what Ricky’s done. Lahey doesn’t have an opportunity to talk to Julian for long however as Ricky grabs the phone and throws it across the street. Randy lifts up the bat, demanding Ricky return the barbeque and even Lahey grabs a bat and almost begs Ricky to return it so that the situation will come to an end. In true Ricky fashion though he just insults them and pulls one of his shirts off of his clothesline and tries to force it onto Randy, wrestling him to the ground and then proceeding to spank him with the spatula he was cooking with as we go to the opening credits.

Brandon’s Take: A very good comedic open to set up a couple of stories to thread throughout the episode. Lahey was especially good here with one of his more memorable ‘s**t’ phrases when he told Julian over the phone that they’re in the “eye of a s**t-icane” and that Ricky was a “low-s**t system.”

After the opening credits, Julian arrives wondering what’s going on and Lahey explains that both Randy and Ricky are saying that the barbeque is theirs. Ricky pleads his case that he purchased it at a yard sale but his explanation clearly shows that he stole it. When it’s Randy’s turn, he says he can prove it belongs to him even with the modifications done to it. Lahey obviously knows what Randy’s referring to and then tells Randy to forget it, saying Ricky probably ruined it. Randy doesn’t want to let it go because of how much the barbeque means to him because it was a gift. Lahey starts getting belligerent with Randy, demanding he get in the car and as Lahey and Randy leave, Julian chastises Ricky for stealing within the park.

Brandon’s Take: I really liked that they didn’t make it a mystery as to whether or not Ricky stole it and just made it blatantly obvious he did. The bit with Randy saying he can prove it’s his and Lahey doing a sudden 180 on the situation and wanting to now leave it alone is definitely an interesting hook for the rest of the show.

Ricky begins explaining to the camera crew about the boys’ plan to steal barbeques and sell them at the flea market to help pay for their cruise. There’s even a quick scene where we see Bubbles at his shed where he explains his role in this particular scheme. When we return to Ricky, he’s disappointed that Julian won’t let him steal more than four barbeques at a time and make money faster but Julian doesn’t want Ricky to get busted with more than four because that then turns into Theft Over $1,000 which would land the boys right back in jail. The camera then turns another direction and we see that the entire time Ricky was talking, the Junior Achievers from Trinity’s school had been there eating the food he cooked for them and he asks them what kind of business they’d like to start up. One of the girls asks Ricky what he does for a living and he replies that he ‘remarkets barbeques’ which Trinity is quick to translate meaning that he steals barbeques and sells them at the flea market. The girl who asked the question then asks if they could help out and Ricky says that they could go to jail for doing that. Trinity then replies that they learned in school about the Youth Justice Act where children under twelve can’t go to jail and that they could steal all the barbeques Ricky needs and they won’t go to jail which gets him very excited.

Brandon’s Take: Any scene where Ricky is influencing children into committing crimes or doing bad things is always gold. And I love that they’re keeping Trinity’s character consistent in that any time Ricky tries to talk his way around the crimes he’s committed, she blabs that he’s actually breaking the law. And that look on his face when he learned that the children could steal all the barbeques he wants and get no jail time was absolutely perfect, you could tell the gears were turning in his head and that he’s about to make some very bad decisions.

We then see Bubbles working on some barbeques and Julian dropping by to give him some encouragement. Their fun though is ruined with the arrival of Lahey and Randy with Lahey quick to accuse Julian of doing something against the law but Julian manages to blow that off by saying he’s just getting the barbeques fixed for friends. Lahey and Randy then cut to the chase and try to get Julian to talk Ricky into returning Randy’s barbeque but Julian tries to get them to forget about it but Randy’s not having any of it. Randy again goes on about how he can prove it’s his before Lahey again cuts him off and tells Julian that he’s been collecting paperwork and that when he gets enough he can evict anyone out of the park based on their lease agreements and goes on to tell the boys he’s watching them like a “s**thawk” before leaving. Bubbles starts freaking out about s**thawks, thinking they actually exist and one is going to come after him even with Julian trying to tell him that it’s just drunk talk from Lahey. He then starts worrying about getting kicked out of the park and again Julian tells him not to worry about it and nothing’s going to happen and promises everything will be fine. Bubbles of course remembers the other times he’s been promised everything will be fine and the boys end up going to jail while he’s stuck alone at the park having to fend for himself.

Brandon’s Take: Another memorable Lahey scene with another one of his more famous s**tology phrases being born. But the important thing to take away here though is how Lahey mentioned he was gathering paperwork and can evict anyone once he has enough which will come in to play in a couple of episodes.

Next Ricky is using rope to lower a stolen barbeque off of someone’s deck down to the children and the owner happens to catch him and sprays him with mace to which Ricky manages to spray back in the other man’s face as the children watch on from inside the car. Back at the park, Corey and Trevor are playing on a bike ramp they built, only to have it get hauled away by Lahey. As they head home with the ramp, Lahey offers to buy Randy some cheeseburgers to cheer him up but he declines the offer. Randy then goes on to say he’s not upset over the barbeque but rather he’s upset cause he’s tired of the two of them keeping their relationship as a couple a secret. He doesn’t come out and say it, but that’s what he’s clearly referring to. Ricky finally drops the children off at school as Trinity runs off to get him some water to clear his eyes up from earlier. As Ricky starts splashing water in his eyes, the mother of one of the students he’s looking after arrives with her daughter’s lunch and she’s also a police officer named Erica. Ricky finally sees her and he starts getting nervous as he introduces himself as “Randy Lahey” and dismisses the kids before quickly coming up with a lie as to why he has so many barbeques before quickly leaving as Erica knows something’s up with him.

Brandon’s Take: Some funny stuff with Ricky getting caught by the owner of the barbeque he’s trying to steal. This scene was mainly though just story progression as Randy alludes to the relationship that him and Lahey have that was revealed back in season one that Julian has still kept secret since he caught them. But most importantly, Ricky has now caught the attention of a police officer and she’ll definitely be paying a visit to the Sunnyvale Trailer Park.

Ricky returns to the park and Bubbles asks why his eyes are so red and he brings up getting maced while stealing a barbeque. Julian notices that Ricky’s got seven barbeques in his car and goes off on him for being reckless and drawing attention. Ricky tries to say that it was the kids that stole them and that the law can’t do anything which earns him the ire of Bubbles who flips out when he hears this. Ricky tries to downplay it as not a big deal but Julian and Bubbles tell him that what Ricky’s doing with the children is an even bigger crime than stealing all those barbeques but Ricky still thinks using the children is a great idea that they should take advantage of. Bubbles then goes off on Ricky for putting the children in a dangerous situation. We then see Randy and Lahey carrying a table out of their trailer as Erica shows up asking to talk to Randy Lahey and they realize that Ricky had given her a false name. Ray, who had been watching as soon as Erica showed up, shouts at Lahey before leaving as Erica, Lahey, and Randy, go inside. Back at Julian’s trailer, Julian gets a phone call from Ray who heard Erica asking Randy and Lahey about stolen barbeques and Julian hatches a plan to hide them in the lake behind Ray’s trailer. Ricky gets pissed at having to do that after what he went through to get them but Julian is quick to remind Ricky that it’s his fault the cops are there in the first place. They then load up Bubbles’ go-kart wagon with the barbeques while Julian stays behind to stall Lahey, Randy, and Erica when they inevitably stop at his trailer looking for Ricky.

Brandon’s Take: This particular scene did a very nice job of essentially capturing the roles that each of the three main characters play in their team with Bubbles being the one with the strongest set of morals, Ricky being the one who’s quick to make rash and dumb decisions, and Julian being the smart quick thinker.

At Lahey’s trailer, Lahey and Randy try to exchange pleasantries with Erica, particularly Lahey who’s interested in her police background. She answers his questions before going on with her investigation into the stolen barbeques and Randy chimes in about how Ricky stole his and again mentions his proof. Lahey tries to shut him down and Randy gets upset, saying this is the exact thing he was talking about earlier in the car but Lahey manages to get Randy to calm down so he can help Erica take care of Ricky. The three of them leave the trailer and the first place they stop at is Julian’s and when they ask him about Ricky, he dances around the question a bit before we cut to the lake where Bubbles has equipped the barbeques with pool noodles to keep them from sinking too far under the water and Ricky has a makeshift breathing apparatus so they can hide in the lake as well. Once they have all that taken care of, Bubbles, Ricky, Corey, and Trevor start throwing the barbeques into the lake. Back at Julian’s trailer, Erica continues to ask him questions and eventually she tells him that he has to come with her to find Ricky as she can tell that Julian knows where he is. The boys are then done throwing the barbecues into the lake and Bubbles calls for the boys to then jump in and hide and Corey and Trevor refuse to, but thanks to a pair of helping hands from both Ricky and Bubbles, Corey and Trevor are “helped” into the lake before Ricky and Bubbles join them in there. Julian, Erica, Lahey, and Randy then arrive at the lake and unfortunately there’s still evidence there that would implicate them in wrongdoing such as barbeque parts laying around as well as Bubbles’ go-kart. Just as Erica is about to question Julian again, Corey and Trevor emerge from the lake and she then calls for everyone else in the lake to come out although only Ricky does as Bubbles stays under. As Ricky comes out, Erica asks him about the name mix up but Ricky comes up with a (very bad) lie about it and then she asks him about where the other barbeques are and he pretends to not know. However, thanks to the cut up pool noodles attached to them, the barbeques then float to the top and are seen by Erica who proceeds to arrest the boys. As she’s reading Ricky his rights, Lahey starts to do it as well, trying to assert authority but is cut off by Erica.

Brandon’s Take: I love how the foreshadowing they do in this series is very subtle to the point you don’t realize it until you see what it is that they’re foreshadowing later on. In this case it was with Lahey trying to be more authoritative and showing interest in Erica’s police background and trying to act like he’s still a police officer. And of course the interaction between Bubbles, Ricky, Corey, and Trevor was fantastic as well with Bubbles and Ricky throwing the other two into the lake.

In the next scene, Julian, Ricky, Corey, and Trevor have their hands on Erica’s car, about to go to jail, when Julian speaks up and tries to convince her not to arrest them. He confesses that they did steal barbeques and goes on to talk about how hard it is to get a real job with their criminal pasts as well as other various handicaps and how they’re trying very hard to stay legit and he promises they’ll never break the law again. Erica isn’t buying it at first, but after further convincing, she agrees to cut them a break on a few conditions that Ricky never drives the s**tmobile and none of them ever touches a barbeque again. We get a quick scene of Erica having a one on one with the camera crew where she mentions she truly believes Julian wants to change and thinks Ricky’s keeping him from doing that. Back with her and the boys, she lets them off with a warning, much to the dismay of Lahey. Before she leaves she orders the boys to get the barbeques out of the lake and return them to their proper owners. As Lahey and Randy leave, Randy rips in to Ricky again for stealing his barbeque and Ricky blows him off. Once they’re gone, Julian has his turn to chastise Ricky for his mistake that almost sent them all to jail. Julian heads off saying he’s got business to take care of while Bubbles finally asks if it’s okay for him to come out of the lake. Since Ricky can’t drive his car anymore, he has Trevor drive it for him.

Brandon’s Take: I honestly can’t help but truly feel bad for Randy as Ricky was clearly in the wrong for stealing from someone in the park. And it’s a bit obvious that Erica is harboring some sort of attraction toward Julian.

We then see Julian carrying a barbeque over to Randy and Lahey’s trailer as Erica happens to drive by and stops him. As she’s about to arrest him, Julian explains that it’s the one that Ricky stole from Randy and he’s just returning it to him. Erica doesn’t believe him at first but eventually does when Julian points out the engraving underneath it where Lahey had carved a message into it thanking Randy for giving him the best years of his life. There’s a quick cutaway scene where we see Ricky explaining to Trevor how to operate the car before we return to Julian and Erica as Erica finally realizes what’s going on between Lahey and Randy and Julian explains that he’s the only one in the park who knows about it. As Julian goes on to explain how he cares about everyone in the park and how there are good, hard-working, intelligent people living there, Ricky’s car comes flying down the road in reverse with Corey and Ricky chasing after it and Ricky yelling obscenities. The car is then driven up the bike ramp that Lahey confiscated earlier and ends up busting through Lahey’s trailer. Lahey comes out of the trailer dressed up as Indiana Jones as Erica is about to arrest Trevor while Ricky comes up with a lie as to why Trevor was driving his car. They then hear yelling coming from inside the trailer as Lahey realizes Randy’s still inside and trapped under debris. Julian runs in to get him out and finds Randy is dressed up like a bumble bee. Once Julian gets Randy out of the trailer, that’s when everyone notices how Randy and Lahey are wearing costumes and question it. Lahey uses their old lie of them practicing for a play but Randy, tired of keeping their relationship a secret, cuts him off and goes on a short monologue that ends with him coming out and admitting he’s gay and then encourages Lahey to do the same. After a moment, Lahey then comes out and he too admits that he’s gay. Julian tries to talk Erica into letting Trevor off the hook but Lahey’s upset over being outed as well as his trailer being damaged. Randy tries to calm him down by mentioning how Julian saved his life as well as returned his barbeque. Still though Lahey wants Corey and Trevor punished but Erica is the one who manages to talk him out of it. Once that’s done, Erica follows Julian back to his trailer to ask him some personal questions which Julian correctly deduces that she’s trying to flirt with him before inviting her in for a drink which she accepts as we go to the end credits.

Brandon’s Take: Wow there was a lot going on there. Well two seasons after we the viewers found out that Lahey and Randy are romantically involved they finally come out and admit it publicly to the park residents. It was also showed a side of Julian we don’t see all that often when he chooses sticking to his morals rather than turn a blind eye when one of his friends took the low road. And of course the pay off to Randy and Lahey finally coming out was a well acted scene and everyone’s facial expressions were perfect, especially Ricky’s who looked like he was shocked, confused, and horrified all at the same time.

Final Thoughts: 9.5/10 An excellent show just a notch below the previous two episodes but that can easily be forgiven as it was still a very entertaining way to kill a half an hour. And we see that it appears Julian may have a new girlfriend although we all saw how his last romance worked out. Will this spell trouble for Julian and the rest of the boys again? We’ll just have to wait and see on next week’s episode. Thanks for reading everyone.