In this episode, Vince Russo accuses the Disco Inferno of selling out, claiming that he now hesitates to be critical of the WWE being that he’s on a show on Chris Jericho’s PodcastOne Network. As a rebuttal, Disco tells Vince that the perception is that he is “bitter” when it comes to his opinions concerning the WWE. Fireworks erupt as the two “friends” pull no punches in laying into each other. Also–Billy Corgan/TNA, Shawn Michaels new job at WWE, Sunny/Brooke Adams Twitter war, Triple H on 50-50 booking and why the big stars are not returning to the WWE.

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  1. Glenn is a catch. LTB&D hasn’t been my favorite since Glenn became regular. He tries too hard to simplify things and is still too wordy sometimes when it isn’t necessary.

    As for Sunny I only ever found her attractive in a skanky trailer park trash way, as that is what I lived around growing up(bad town filled with scumbags) she definitely has no room to say anything is disgusting her entire life is disgusting.