In this episode Vince Russo breaks HUGE (YUUUUUUUGGGGGGEEE) news by announcing that he secured a TV deal for ROCKY MOUNTAIN PRO on a national television network. From there he and Jeff Lane give their thoughts on SummerSlam, including Vince serenading the new Universal Champ the “Lion King” and his proposal of a Brock Lesnar STEROID INDUCED STORYLINE. Matt “Mercury” Yaden, owner of The Rocky Mountain Pro joins the show to discuss the deal.

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  1. Bro! I downloaded Hunt on my Amazon fire stick. Didn’t even have to say it my girl already knew it was wrestling related. I know Vince won’t take credit but this is definitely a feather in his cap in how unprecedented this is and how much this and the business of the business is a true innovation for the mass audience. Excellent work!