Hello again readers and members of Russosbrand.com. I’m here once more to review yet another episode of the legendary Canadian mockumentary comedy series Trailer Park Boys and this is going to be a good one.

We had been seeing the way the boys interact with their main antagonist Jim Lahey and his efforts to try and be a nuisance to the boys. Today we see the first time that Lahey goes over the edge and descends into drunken madness. Should be a lot of fun and let’s get it started. As always there are *spoilers* so read at your own risk.

The episode begins with the boys playing a street hockey game outside of Lahey and Randy’s trailer. As that’s going on, Randy explains that his particular day is the anniversary of Lahey having to leave the police force and he’s trying to get him in a better mood and even references the incident with Ricky’s car being driven through their trailer in the previous episode. Back during the hockey game, Corey and Trevor lose a fight to a couple of girls as Ricky gets a penalty shot which ends up going through the opening in Lahey’s trailer and breaking the glass case that contains his old police officer uniform. Lahey is clearly distraught by seeing this as he reminisces about the first time he wore it before turning to Randy and telling him that he can’t deal with the boys on this particular day. Randy offers to take them both to the liquor store to which Lahey agrees is a good idea and says he’s going to get drunk…”big time.” We then go to the opening credits.

Brandon’s Take: Simple, easy, and effective way to start the show. I love the way they tell you right from the get go that we’re going to see a much darker and dangerous side of Lahey. I’m very interested to see what they do with him.

When we come back, we have Ricky screaming obscenities toward Lahey and demanding he return their hockey ball. As Ricky’s doing that, Julian tries to calm him down, reminding him they don’t need a pissed off Lahey interfering with their plans for the day. We get a one on one scene with Ricky and the camera crew where he talks about how Lahey has been really losing his mind the past couple of weeks and drinking more and today especially he’s been really acting weird. He then tries his best to explain how Lahey’s going crazy, butchering the words in a way that only he can. We then have Randy come out to beg the boys to leave Lahey alone today. The boys don’t care though, they just want the ball back and when Randy realizes they’re not going to listen, he asserts his authority as weekend park supervisor to shut the hockey game down. In retaliation, Julian gives Ricky permission to do whatever he wants to cause chaos for fun. However though, all Ricky does is start screaming toward Lahey’s trailer as Randy goes inside to get Lahey for help. Lahey emerges from the hallway, dressed completely in his officer uniform and a toupee. Lahey then picks up the hockey ball off of the floor and after a quick conversation with Randy on what to do with it, he then says the two of them are going to the liquor store. Lahey and Randy then emerge from their trailer and everyone is quick to hurl insults at Lahey for his appearance but he says nothing to anyone as he gets in his car and leaves, something Bubbles notices and is worried about it. Julian then postpones the game until after they complete their plan to get enough money to make a down payment on their cruise. That plan of course being to steal bottles that were collected for Trinity’s school to pay for a trip that Trinity got banned from going to for smoking as Ricky hilariously explains which then turns into a small rant about his issues with the school system.

Brandon’s Take: A lot going on here to cover. We now have the foundation and thread for the episode completely set up as we’re told the boys’ plan to get the money for the down payment and Lahey drunk and out of his mind dressed up as a cop to oppose them. One thing I’m liking is how we’re not seeing just how Lahey’s going to get them, instead just the threat of him hanging over like the Sword of Damocles which gives that vibe that makes him feel just that much more dangerous. And of course Ricky’s way of explaining things with his temper and limited intelligence is always funny and entertaining.

Next up we have Lahey sitting in his car outside of the liquor store where Randy is buying their booze when all of a sudden a robber runs in, pointing a gun at the cashier before taking the money and running outside. As the robber tries to escape, a completely oblivious Lahey is about to step out of his car and opens his door just as the robber runs by and flips over the top of it and is knocked out. The cashier comes out, and seeing how Lahey is dressed, assumes he’s a police officer and thanks him for catching the thief. Lahey then tells the cashier to call the robber in for him as him and Randy have other things to do as they get in the car and drive back to the park. As everyone leaves, they ignore the knocked out robber but a couple of children walk by to take his gun, money, wallet, and cigarettes and run off. Lahey is back in his trailer and we see him loading bullets into a gun and Randy arrives and Lahey tells him that today is the day they take back Sunnyvale “by any means necessary” and he gets out an old motorcycle that has a passenger attachment. The two of them then start riding around the park in it. Lahey and Randy then arrive at a gathering of residents where J-Roc is rapping. Lahey and Randy get out and Lahey informs(lies) to everyone there that the federal government has declared Sunnyvale a town and that Lahey and Randy is the police force of the new town. He takes a minute to show off his new, false authority before stating that the rules of engagement have changed and orders everyone to clear out. Before leaving, he tells J-Roc to give Ricky and Julian a message-Officer Jim Lahey is back on the job.

Brandon’s Take: So much going on inside the head of Lahey right now that’s absolutely bizarre with him thinking he’s a cop while the incident at the liquor store only helped to further that delusion. And the fact that he had the cashier be the one to call the police about the robber helped tell the story that Lahey knew he’d be in trouble if he stuck around impersonating an officer. And when we see him interacting with J-Roc and the others, he’s clearly drunk and slipping further into insanity as he now truly believes he is an officer again.

When we come back, we’re in Sarah and Lucy’s trailer as Lucy is on the phone with a lawyer friend and she tells him what’s going on with Lahey telling everyone Sunnyvale is now a town. Sarah eventually takes over the call and asks if what Lahey’s saying is possible. The lawyer isn’t sure but will find out and call back later. Ricky isn’t worried though as he thinks it’s just Lahey on one of his drunk benders. We then see that Lahey has built a makeshift jail cell out of a shed complete with barred door and a lock. He tells Randy that they’re going to talk to residents to gather evidence on Ricky and Julian. Randy starts discussing his issues with everything and says that Lahey’s taking it too far and he doesn’t feel comfortable pretending to be a cop. Lahey cuts him off and throws in one of his s**tologies before the camera cuts back to Lucy and Sarah’s trailer. Julian tells everyone, especially Ricky, to avoid Lahey and not push his buttons. Bubbles isn’t worried regardless because there’s nothing they’ve done that Lahey can arrest them for. We then see Lahey and Randy approaching their bike again with Lahey reading off a list of charges that Randy says that can’t hold up cause they happened years ago. Lahey blows him off and goes on a rant about having to strain the s**t pool before it causes a s**t slide that could cover the entire community and vows to prevent catastrophe from happening in Sunnyvale. Randy and Lahey arrive at J-Roc’s trailer where him and Tyrone are outside listening to music and they shut off J-Roc’s stereo. Lahey then calls J-Roc Jamie which gets him upset as he defiantly turns his music back on and dares Lahey to pull that with Ricky and Julian. Lahey mentions that he’s got warrants for Ricky and Julian’s arrest and Randy wants to ask J-Roc where they’re at. Of course J-Roc just insults Randy for his gut and cheeseburger addiction which sets Lahey off who destroy’s J-Roc’s stereo with his baton. As Randy and Lahey leave, J-Roc laments over his stereo which was a gift from his mom for passing grade nine.

Brandon’s Take: Yep, Lahey has lost his mind in a sea of alcohol as his desire to make Sunnyvale a nice place to live has caused him to go off the deep end and resort to draconian measures to impose his will upon the citizens of Sunnyvale and put Ricky and Julian behind bars. And to think this isn’t his craziest in this episode or the entire series.

We then see Corey and Trevor siphoning gas from Ricky’s car as Lahey and Randy pull up and are going to arrest them but they make a deal where they’ll let them go for Corey and Trevor spilling the boys’ plans for the day. Lahey sends Corey and Trevor on their way and orders Randy to search the car. Randy suggests waiting to catch them in the act of the theft to which Lahey mocks his question and then says that they can’t go outside their jurisdiction otherwise they don’t have any authority. The camera cuts to Ricky inside of Lucy and Sarah’s trailer as he wonders just what Lahey and Randy are up to. Lahey and Randy approach the trailer and Lahey shouts out he knows Ricky is in there and has a warrant for his arrest. Ricky isn’t scared in the least as he knows it’s just Lahey being drunk, even taunting him to shoot with his ‘toy’ gun. However as soon as Lahey fires at the trailer, everyone realizes that Lahey is carrying a real gun. Randy tries to calm him down but Lahey blows him off as Ricky locks the door and asks Lucy and Sarah if they have any guns in the trailer and of course they don’t. Lahey begins a countdown for the girls to open the door but Ricky ends up bailing out while the girls call their lawyer friend. Just before Lahey reaches the end of his countdown, the scene switches over to Bubbles and Julian who are going over the plan to steal the bottles from Trinity’s school and how well it’s going to work because no one will know what happened and no guns will be used which means no chance of anyone going to jail. Of course as soon as that’s said, gunfire erupts as Ricky barges into the trailer and tells them to get down and Lahey’s lost his mind. Bubbles blames the other two for driving Lahey to this point while Julian makes a plan for Bubbles to distract Lahey while him and Ricky escape out the back to Ricky’s car. Lahey begins another countdown to shoot the door in and as he reaches the end of it, Randy stops him temporarily which buys Bubbles enough time to start his distraction. He starts yelling things that Ricky or Julian would say, but in his normal voice which is quickly caught by Lahey who turns around to see Ricky and Julian rushing toward Ricky’s car and fires a few shots toward them. Ricky and Julian manage to make it to Ricky’s car but it’s out of fuel thanks to what Corey and Trevor did earlier which makes them an easy arrest for Lahey as he demands they leave the car and tells the cameraman to shut the camera off. As they do, Lahey starts to say he’s a reasonable man before using a stun gun on both Ricky and Julian until they’re incapacitated before turning toward the cameraman, upset that he’s still got the camera going and tazes him before going after the sound man who runs away. Bubbles arrives on his go-kart which Lahey immediately impounds while Randy gets an extra zap on Ricky and Julian.

Brandon’s Take: This is easily the darkest the show has gotten with Lahey having no problem killing the boys if necessary with how recklessly he was shooting at them. And again, it has to be reiterated that this is the drunkest we’ve ever seen him which combined with his hatred for the boys and his degrading mental state is what’s sending him over the deep end. And I really love how they still find ways to throw comedy in there as well as Bubbles’ attempt at a distraction by pretending to be Julian and Ricky was pretty spot on at least as far as the verbiage they would use.

Julian and Ricky are now locked in the jail shed that Lahey has built and we see he even put a camera in there to keep an eye on them. Ricky is losing his mind as he screams and bashes the walls which brings the attention of Randy who tries to calm them down and get them to trust him but Lahey asks what he’s doing. Randy replies he’s just trying to calm the prisoners down but Lahey’s not happy to hear that as he gave Randy a strict no mercy policy to follow. He then tells Randy to get some de-lousing powder and grabs a hose saying he’s going to wash them down. Randy tries to get Lahey to back off, saying what he’s doing is cruel and unusual punishment which is against the law to which Lahey replies that he is the law. Lahey then tells Randy to get chains and orange gag balls. Ricky asks what gag balls are while Julian tries to snap Lahey out of whatever is going on in his head, telling him to think about what he’s doing to which Lahey responds he knows exactly what he’s doing. There’s a quick fade out and when it comes back, Julian and Ricky are chained up with the ball gags in their mouths. Bubbles comes out of his shed with chains and bolt cutters, intending on busting Ricky and Julian out of the shed jail when Sarah shows up with the news that Lahey can’t make Sunnyvale a town and he’s not a cop which Bubbles was smart enough to already figure out. Before he goes to break them out, Randy arrives to confess how Lahey’s gone off the deep end and Bubbles says he plans on calling the real cops to which Randy begs him not to as that would completely shatter what little grip on reality Lahey has left. He then says he can get Bubbles’ go-kart back and has a plan to beat Lahey which Bubbles agrees to help with.

Brandon’s Take: Sometimes you can have an episode like this in a comedy series that’s more suspense than it is comedy and it can still be a great show as this episode is showing. Lahey is just slipping further and further into darker part of his personality and it’s a bit shocking to see him like that but John Dunsworth is such a great actor that he can pull this off perfectly. And we finally see that Lahey has gone too far for Randy to continue to support him which we had been seeing build throughout the episode.

Randy returns to Lahey and asks him to sew up a tear in his pants to which Lahey agrees and the two of them head inside to their trailer. As Lahey’s about to make the stitch, he sees that the tear is actually a deliberate cut. Randy tries to tell him that he tore them while jumping a fence but Lahey quickly realizes that this is a diversion. We then see Bubbles letting Ricky and Julian out who are still chained and have the ball gags over their mouths. Bubbles takes Julian’s off but smartly leaves Ricky’s on as he knew that as soon as the gag came off Ricky would start screaming and yelling. They don’t get too far before Lahey pops out from behind a trailer with a shotgun pointed right at Bubbles’ head. Randy then comes out from behind Lahey, trying to get him to calm down while showing the boys and the camera crew that he’s got the stun gun and is going to try and use it on Lahey. He then informs Lahey that he called the police which Lahey says is a very unfortunate decision. Bubbles informs the boys that Lahey isn’t a real cop and just really drunk which leads Ricky to start screaming at Lahey through the ball gag. Lahey then fires the shotgun into the air which gives Randy the opportunity to zap him with the stun gun and Bubbles grabs the shotgun just as Lahey falls to the ground and points it at him. Defeated, Lahey admits that all he wanted was peace and order in the park. He starts to break down as he realizes the reality of the situation around him and how he’s now going to be going to jail as Ricky yells at him some more. Sirens are heard as Bubbles gets Ricky away from the scene to prevent him from doing something stupid and getting himself sent to jail. Randy pleads with Julian to work out a deal to keep Lahey from going to jail, even Lahey himself begs for Julian’s help. Julian eventually agrees and it’s Erica who arrives on the scene to find Julian, Randy, and Lahey standing together outside Lahey’s trailer. She starts asking about the gunfire that was reported. Julian explains that it was just Corey and Trevor setting off firecrackers in celebration of Lahey donating three thousand dollars to the “Sunnyvale Street Hockey Team.” Lahey seems stunned by this but Randy quickly agrees to that with Lahey reluctantly following his lead. Erica questions why Lahey is in his old uniform and notices he’s wearing a real badge and confiscates it on the grounds that he’s impersonating a real police officer. Before she leaves, she covertly sets up another date with Julian. Some time later the boys are back out on the street, ready to play hockey again, waiting for the game to resume. Julian arrives on Lahey’s porch and returns his badge to him in exchange for their ball. The game resumes with Ricky scoring the game winning goal.

Brandon’s Take: A very very good ending that brought everything full circle that started in the beginning of the episode. If WWE knew how to write like this the shows would be much more entertaining. And a very creative way of the boys being able to get the money to make the down payment on the cruise after Lahey messed up their bottle stealing plan.

Final Thoughts: 10/10 Not as funny as some other ones but the great writing and the suspense of Lahey being a legitimate threat to the lives of the boys left me on the edge of my seat the entire episode. Every little thing that happened in this episode played a role in the overall story and there were no loose ends left behind. Just great great stuff. Thanks again for reading and I’ll be back with the Season 3 finale next week. Take care everyone.