On this week’s episode 48 of The Andre Corbeil ShowAndre Corbeil interviews the nephew of Bret the Hitman Hart and cousin of the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith Jr ‘The Prodigy’ Matt Hart.

Andre and Matt discuss a variety of wrestling-related topics such as the brand new SmackDown Women’s Championship title, the new SmackDown tag team championship titles, the WWE Raw Universal heavyweight championship title belt and new Universal champion Canadian Kevin Owens. The Prodigy Matt Hart shares with the wrestling fans the health condition of his father Smith Hart, discusses TNA Impact Wrestling president Billy Corgan and what he will bring to Impact Wrestling as its new president, the Impact Wrestling Grand Championship, The Broken Brother Nero and Broken Matt Hardy brilliance, Matt & Jeff being reborn and repackaging themselves as they head into the Final Deletion 2 (Delete or Decay)

This week on Randy’s Corner, Randy Helms answers three questions from viewers revolving around current WWE & TNA champs vs. former champs, WWE squash matches, and how Randy met The Brand & RELM Network family.

The Kimball Kompound discusses: Triple H aligning himself with Kevin Owens & the new champion is not your cookie cutter champion we have all grown to know. It’s time for WWE to make changes and get in touch with their audience and this was a great start.
Rumors of the week include Del Rio leaving WWE because he was lied to about being in a main event push and Ryback has a similar story.
Triple H vs Seth Rollins WrestleMania 33 is a potential match that could be huge and Charlotte vs Dana Brooke looks to be scrapped.

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