UPDATE: Questions now closed, tune in Saturday!

The Rocky Mountain Pro Owner/President “Mercury” Matt Yaden and Talent Development Coach/Producer/Writer Vince Russo will be answering your questions this Saturday free on PodcastOne! Submit your questions for Vince and Matt through Twitter using the hashtag #TheRockyMountainPro, or leave a question in the comment section below! These will be the only two places questions will be selected from. If you use Twitter, you must use the hashtag #TheRockyMountainPro for your question to be in the pool.

Only one question per person please, and only questions dealing with The Rocky Mountain Pro will be considered for the show. What do you want to know about the promotion before the October 9 debut on Hunt Channel? Ask Matt and Vince now!



  1. Being that most wrestling shows today cater to a niche minority fanbase, how would you differentiate Rocky Mountain Pro to make it stand out and appeal to a broader casual audience?
    PS* Congrats on the TV deal!

  2. Is your tv production in house and will that change as far as shooting the episodes? Will it be possible for the bigger shows to run live eventually? So excited, BROs! I downloaded Hunt Channel on my Firestick the day you guys made the announcement.

  3. Two questions for you, How has the locker room been affected by the TV deal? Also being a small company and having such amazing talent on your roster, Royce Isaacs and Mario Vanjur being the two that stand out the most now, how will you keep the talent you have? Thanks for your time

  4. Will there be dark characters? By dark, I mean gothic/evil (characters like Gangrel, Raven, The Undertaker, Vampiro, etc.).

  5. Will Abatu’s manager have an expanded role going forward? It’d be cool to see manager’s make a resurgence in Rocky Mountain Pro.