Vince Russo and Jeff Lane review SmackDown for the final time!

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  1. Glad you guys are scrapping this one. Not your fault that the show is in terrible shape. I mean someone out there has to enjoy it but its not me or anyone I know. I’d enjoy impact review but only when its necessary. Or THE RMP review with Jeff and Diehard Derek would be awesome. That way the spot monkey freaks can’t say you’re just putting over your own show.

  2. (following are just some thoughts I’ve wanted to get opinions on)

    We said last year that if the WWE doesn’t make a massive turn around in ratings they will be a WWE Network internet only product soon. How soon? Will it be as soon as the TV contract runs out?
    The apologists like to point out record revenue but guess what that revenue is for the WWE, it is NOT revenue for USA Network (Comcast-NBC/Universal). Just look at the commercials, half are public service announcements. (Comcast doesn’t care if WWE has a billion subscribers in India and China)

    Another thing, Vince R. mentioned the WWE Network has 1.8 million subscribers. It’s actually much lower than that. If I remember right in their latest 2nd quarter report WWE said they had 1.8 million AFTER Wrestlemania but they projected dropping to 1.49 million by the third quarter (which is now).
    Remember, the initial projection when WWE Network launched was over 2 million by this time (2016), so they are massively under performing what Wall Street is paying for.

    Vince R. always says “their core audience of 3 million viewers”, IMO their core audience is much less than that. Basically it is the WWE network subscriber count, plus roughly 500k illegal streamers. So a roughly 2 million people in the US.
    The rest of those TV viewers are semi-casual fans watching out of habit or with their kids. Which is why the viewership drops 350k – 500k every night, kids go to bed at 9pm EST (and another set at 9pm CST)