In this exclusive, raw, honest and compelling interview, Vince Russo discusses the issues leading to his “going home” after three months at WCW with one of the people he felt was responsible for his demise at the time, WCW Booker Kevin Sullivan. Interviews like this, are what make THE BRAND unique, as Russo and Sullivan discuss the very obvious elephant in the room, then continue to have a respectful interview with each other where they discuss various topics such as–Kevin’s first reaction when he found out Russo/Ferrara were joining WCW, the split WCW locker room, Sullivan’s “back-up” in dealing with Hulk Hogan, WCW Standards and Practices, DISCO INFERNO KILLING WCW and much, much more! Vince calls this one of his favorite interviews of ALL-TIME!!!

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  1. This was my favorite Swerve yet. Was pissed when it cut off at the end. But I’ll just have to wait. I started listening to Sullivan’s podcasts a couple of weeks ago. He sounds like such a great nice man with a lot of knowledge, his cohost through is smarky as they come and said Russo was bad for wrestling