How’s it going everyone? After a long and tiring week I’m finally back with a new column for and if you’re not a VIP member yet why haven’t you taken that leap? It won’t come close to breaking the bank and the content and perks are worth way more than what you’re paying.

Anyway I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about so I decided to just take a couple of things that are on my mind and condense it into a single column with a summary for each item.

1. The New South Park Season

*Spoiler Warning*

First off a quick congratulations to Trey Parker and Matt Stone is in order. Twenty seasons for a TV show, let alone one like South Park, is an incredibly impressive achievement especially considering that no one, not even Matt and Trey themselves thought they were going to make it past the halfway point of the first season. Like last season it’s pretty clear that we’re going to be dealing with a season long story arc that will conclude in the finale. What they’re building toward is not clear yet but they obviously have an end game in mind. So far I’ve only seen the first episode but it’s the way that it was written that really caught my attention. They had the usual setup of someone anonymously stirring up trouble and the boys, mainly Kyle, are quick to point the finger at Cartman. The situation in this episode is someone getting on the school message board and harassing the girls at the school and escalating tensions between the boys and the girls. And Cartman of course denies it when confronted, even personally confiding to Kyle that his piss poor attempts at covering himself is him trying to smooth over the damage done by the harasser to keep things from escalating into all out warfare which he confesses frightens him. Just when you think it’s clear that it is indeed Cartman behind all of this, the episode ends on an amazing cliffhanger where the one behind the message board attacks is in fact Kyle’s own father Gerald and Cartman was telling the truth the entire time. It’s honestly this kind of storytelling and character development that has allowed South Park to stay on the air for almost twenty years as well as their almost innate ability to adapt and evolve with the times, something WWE should wisely take note of. The thing that mainly stuck out to me that I really want to compliment on when it came to the writing is the methods of how Cartman tried to ease the tensions between the boys and the girls is exactly how he would do it in the situation he found himself in. He was honestly trying to be nice but because of his complete ignorance, he instead came off sounding pretty misogynistic and was completely oblivious of that fact.

2. World of Warcraft: Legion

The expansion has now been out for a few weeks and I have to say I’m really enjoying it so far, easily the best WoW expansion since Wrath. The feeling I’ve gotten while playing it is that they’ve figured out what worked in the previous installments of the game and put them all in this one while also experimenting with new ideas which honestly is how you evolve your product, move it forward, and keep it fresh. World Quests are one of the new features they added and at first I was a bit skeptical but it turns out those are much more enjoyable than the daily quests they used to have. It’s great to be able to get rewards and rep from different quests instead of doing the same old same old every day. The artifact system is very well done as it almost feels like a return to the original talent point system they had before it got overhauled in the Mists of Pandaria expansion. As far as playing alternate characters go, they definitely did a much better job in upping the replay value of the content as they succeeded in what they set out to accomplish with giving each class it’s own identity and story. Overall it has been huge breath of fresh air coming off several disappointing expansions. Let’s hope they don’t fall into their usual trap of letting content go way past it’s expiration date before releasing new stuff.

3. Trailer Park Boys

Haven’t talked about this in awhile but just heard the news that there will be an eight episode run coming up in October of a new special they’re doing where they’re in Europe which should do a nice job of keeping the fans tied over until Season 11 is released presumably in early Spring 2017 much like when Season 10 was released. I wonder though how they’re going to handle the departures of Lucy and J-Roc from the cast. They’ve weathered the storm before when it came to characters leaving the show and I have no doubt they’ll come up with a creative and satisfying way to explain their absence. I’d honestly love to see them reach out to some former cast members and see if they’d be interested in returning. I’ve heard several people mention that Mike, Robb, JP, and Corey are still good friends with Michael Jackson, the actor who played Trevor from seasons 1-6 and even Bernard, the actor who played Cyrus, stated that there were talks to bring Trevor back during the show’s return with Season 8 but scheduling conflicts kept that from happening so I’m assuming the door is still open for that to happen. Speaking of Cyrus, I wonder why they haven’t brought him back, I always liked his character and thought he was a very good foil to the boys and could have been a much more consistent thorn in the boys’ side.

4. Wrestling

Once the WWE gives me something to talk about I’ll talk about them. But seriously though I think in the next few years TNA, as long as Billy Corgan has complete ownership and control, and RMP will be the best quality wrestling programming on TV. The difference being with those promotions and WWE is that those two actually care about putting out the best show possible. Is everything they try going to work? Absolutely not, there’s no such thing as perfection but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to attain it cause that’s when you produce your best material. I will look forward to watching these shows and seeing how they grow and evolve in the next few years.

Anyway I think that’s about it. I’m kicking around an idea I want to try out that will probably see it’s first incarnation coming up next week for all of you, hopefully it works out and I’ll be able to continue doing it. As always thanks for reading and hope you all have a great day.