Can TNA Impact Wrestling tap into the younger pro wrestling audience like WWE Monday Night Raw and Tuesday Night SmackDown has? Impact Wrestling has always catered to the TV 14 and older wrestling fans. Djz the current TNA X Division champion is not only popular but possesses all of the tools that appeal to the younger generation and the younger fans like so many superstars in the WWE universe. Is DJ Z that special kind of wrestler that can bring in the younger wrestling audience as an impact wrestling viewer.

Randy’s corner: Randy Helms pays tribute the one and only Bill Schuyler from one of passed away from a severe heart attack one week ago. Just hours before bill passed away he asked Randy Helms what Randy would do to fix Impact Wrestling and how would he go about fixing TNA Wrestling.

Kimball Kompound: Corgan files new court papers as part of the loan repayment demand, we’ll update you on the latest in the case. Early Friday afternoon, in response to a New York Post article claiming that he’s been “ousted” as TNA President, Billy Corgan started tweeting about TNA again. A lot. Goldberg the self-proclaimed superhero reveals himself to be really human!

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