Former WWE Superstars the “British Bulldog” Harry Smith and “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters, Battle each other for the right to be called the inaugural Stu Hart Memorial Cup champion winner. Hart Legacy Wrestling Calgary Canada.

Andre Corbeil interviews “The Prodigy” Matt Hart, As they discuss wrestling for WWE Womens wrestler Paige & her Knight Family’s wrestling British wrestling promotion in the U.K. Matt Hart shares his experience wresting on the United Kingdom tour! Where Matt Hart even wrestled Paige’s younger brother & plans to return in 2017. All this & more.

Randy’s corner with Randy Helms delivers a hilariously funny one on one interview with his father over Thanksgiving dinner where they discuss the Nature Boy Ric Flair Hulk Hogan Gorgeous George as well as Randy’s time with the WWE working for Triple H.

Rob Kimball discusses this weeks breaking wrestling news such as Goldberg defeating Brock Lesnar at Survivor series. Goldberg’s new WWE contract the WWE signing James Ellsworth to a contract. All this and more on the – Andre Corbeil Show episode 61

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