Hello once again with the next edition of An Alternative View where I will once again be talking about how I would have booked or written for a certain character and today is part two of Finn Balor.

We left off at SummerSlam where Balor failed at defeating Rusev for the US Title and we learned that there is some form of demonic entity within him. We aren’t quite sure what to make of it but the story will continue the next night on Raw.

RAW 8/22/16

The next part of the story continues when we see Rusev and Lana arriving at the building and as they make their way through a corridor they would notice the lights that they walk under would suddenly flicker on and off before returning to normal. They’d look at each other and keep going forward to their locker room. Later on there would be another segment of them in their locker room and they’d be interviewed about Rusev’s upcoming US Championship defense against Sami Zayn later in the evening. He’d try to answer the question, but the equipment would start malfunctioning and eventually the feed to the Titantron would get cut and the interview would end abruptly, leaving the announcers questioning what’s going on. Then it would be Rusev vs. Zayn with Rusev picking up the win and taking the mic and calling out Balor, telling him to quit the mind games and come out to get another beating. Balor’s theme would hit and we’d see the smoke and everything else for his demon entrance but instead of him coming out, it would be James Mitchell who would explain that he will now be representing Balor and serve as the watcher of the demon within him that Rusev has awakened and Balor will see him face to face next week.

RAW 8/29/16

To start the story off for this evening, we’ll get a recap of what happened last week with James Mitchell making his appearance. That would then be followed with a backstage interview with Rusev and Lana where Rusev says he plans on completely destroying Balor that evening to get him out of his hair for good. Later on in the evening, Rusev would then call out Balor to finish things between them. James Mitchell would come out and then introduce “The Demon” Finn Balor who would make his first appearance in the demon makeup and do his special entrance. Once he got in the ring he would then get right in Rusev’s face and essentially dare him to take the first shot, even putting his hands behind his back. Rusev would take the first shot and knock Balor down who would get right back up and bait Rusev into hitting him again. Rusev would hit him with something harder and again Balor would get right back up, with Rusev starting to lose his nerve a bit before completely unloading on Balor to keep him down but he again would no-sell it much to the shock of Rusev. Throughout all of this, Balor’s eyes would be closed and after the final no sell, he’d open his eyes to show the contacts he’s wearing to make them completely black which would cause Rusev to bail from the ring as he and Lana head up the ramp.

RAW 9/5/16

The first segment on this episode that advances the story is a quick pre-tape of Mick and Stephanie arriving at the building and walking through a corridor. Stephanie would tell Mick that it looks like his faith in Balor paid off and that she looks forward to what he can do now that his potential has been awakened. Mick would then say that he’s got a big announcement later on concerning Balor’s match at Clash of Champions. Later on there would be the in-ring segment where Foley would announce that Balor would get a rematch for the US Title at Clash of Champions. This would of course bring out Rusev and Lana who would try to get out of the match, reminding Mick of what happened at SummerSlam and how he dominated Balor and he doesn’t deserve a rematch. Mick would then state that after what he saw the prior week that the Balor Rusev will be taking on at Clash of Champions will be a completely different animal and wishes him the best of luck and will try to leave the ring. However, Rusev would stop him and start backing him into one of the corners. Before Rusev could do anything to Mick the lights would start to flicker before going out completely. When they come back on, Balor would be standing in the ring, in full makeup with James Mitchell on the outside telling him to attack Rusev. Rusev would throw the first shot which Balor would dodge and then Balor would begin assaulting Rusev, getting the upper hand before Rusev and Lana would retreat. One important thing is that after Balor clears Rusev from the ring, Lana would still be inside and Balor would stare her down and begin to approach her before she escaped, the announcers wondering if he would have actually done anything to her.

RAW 9/12/16

As Raw opens, one of the things that would be hyped is a sit-down interview with James Mitchell who would further explain his relationship with Finn Balor. Balor’s match would also be hyped for later on as he would go one on one with Bo Dallas. During the sit-down interview, Mitchell would explain that he once dabbled in the Occult decades ago and accidentally released a demon and has been trying to hunt it down ever since. And as he was watching Raw one evening, he noticed the oddness with Balor and did some investigating and looked into his history and began to believe the demon he released somehow made its home inside Balor. And then after what he saw at SummerSlam was all the confirmation that he needed and when he finally contacted Balor, he learned that Balor had been doing his best to contain the demon within him. When Mitchell saw how Balor had managed to somehow harness the demon’s power within himself, he contacted Mick about signing on to become Balor’s manager and help keep him from going out of control after what had been transpiring between Balor and Rusev. The interviewer would then ask him if he thinks the demon may start asserting dominance and Mitchell would reply that’s what he’s trying to prevent from happening. Later on the match between Dallas and Balor would take place with Balor absolutely dominating him and picking up the win. Lana would come out early on and observe the match from ringside. As he’s getting his hand raised, Lana would make a signalling gesture and Rusev would try to ambush Balor but to no avail as Balor would fight back and send Rusev running. Lana would try to run away as well but trip and fall over. Balor would then focus his gaze on her and start slowly approaching her but Mitchell would stop him from actually doing anything. He would then get angry and start hitting the barricades and then return to the ring and beat up Dallas some more before Mitchell gets him under control.

RAW 9/19/16

The first segment concerning the story would happen with a quick backstage segment of Stephanie telling Mick that it’s now been two weeks in a row that Balor has gone after Lana and that since Balor is Mick’s guy, it’s up to him to try and put a stop it before Balor actually does get his hands on her as it would be a PR nightmare for the company if Balor were to do something to Lana and he would be punished severely if he does so. Mick promises to take care of it. The next segment would be another pre-tape of Mick catching Mitchell as he arrives to the building. Mick would remind him of what’s happened the last couple of weeks with Balor going after Lana and Mitchell would tell Mick that he’s gotta do his job as GM and keep Rusev from pushing Balor as if he keeps doing what he’s doing, Balor may go to a place not even Mitchell could bring him back from. Mick then offers to talk to Balor in the ring later tonight. During the in-ring promo Mick would ask to speak to Balor directly. He would tell Balor how proud he is of him for how he’s proven his doubters wrong. Mick would then start telling Balor that he can’t let Rusev and Lana get in his head and play with his emotions otherwise the demon that he’s using for strength could take him over. Mick would make one last appeal to Balor, telling him he knows that inside of him he’s still that quiet, polite, respectful young man that he met when he came to NXT and never lose sight of that. Rusev and Lana would interrupt and throw insults at them with the attempt of getting Balor to lose control but Mick and Mitchell would manage to calm Balor down, but with some struggle. Balor would grab the mic and promise to end Rusev at Clash of Champions on Sunday.

Clash of Champions 9/25/16

The US Title match between Rusev and Balor would take place and it would be much different than the last one with Balor being on offense the majority of the time. Toward the end, Rusev would get the Accolade locked in but Balor would power out of it and Rusev would then get himself DQed by using a chair. Rusev would then throw Balor out of the ring and continue his assault with the chair until Mitchell would try and intervene. Rusev would then lay out Mitchell and start beating him up, all of which would be seen by Balor who would try to save his friend, only to be stopped by a low blow from Lana which he would no sell. Balor would then turn his anger over to Lana and that’s when he’d do something to her to would lay her out which would get Rusev angry and then the two of them would start brawling again which then takes the locker room emptying to get them apart as the announcers discuss what kind of ramifications may be needed after Balor did what he was warned not to do and to tune in to Raw the next night to find out.

And that ends part 2 and I’ll be finishing this edition of An Alternative View with Pt. 3 as the two of them will end their feud at the Hell in a Cell PPV. Thanks for reading everyone.