If you blinked at all this week, you probably missed something that took place here at RussosBrand.com. Let’s get you caught up!

We are offering the first month of the VIP portion of Vince Russo’s The Brand absolutely free for first time subscribers! Click here for full info and see Velvet Sky on video, along with the latest LTB&D with Vince Russo and Glenn Gilbertti!

Rocky Mountain Pro Charged, Season 1 Episode 4, released this week exclusively on The RELM Network! Here’s a free preview:

It was a busy five show week as usual on PodcastOne! Get caught up on all the free audio episodes by clicking here and be sure to use that “Killer Deals” button at the top before you shop Amazon!

We also post free videos throughout the week on our YouTube channel including archived shoot interviews from The Swerve and Vixens Who Rule, classic episodes of Bucket Full of Chicken Necks, and original content from contributing creators! Here’s some from this week: