6 Times the WWE ended up exploiting death!
The Triple Threat Countdown,The 2016 TNA Impact wrestling awards.

Vince Russo presents: The Pro Wrestling – Triple Threat Wrestling Countdown.

6. The Wwe Exploitation of the death of Eddie Guerrero, Including Randy Orton’s Unacceptable promo about Eddie Guerrero Being in Hell, & Batista Screaming At the Wwe Universe chanting Eddie Eddie Eddie, That Eddie Guerrero Is Dead!

5. Wccw Fritz Von Erich Heart Attack scandal, As The patriarch of the famed Von Erich wrestling family were no strangers to controversy, As this cursed wrestling family paid the ultimate sacrifice!

4. The Wwe Monday Night Raw Brian Pillman Rip Segments presented On Raw, Featuring the widow of Brian Pillman who was Exploited in the worst kind of way! Even though she initiated the idea, it did not pan out as expected by Mrs Pillman.

3. Carlos Colon Holding an honorary tournament in honor of the invader #3 who stabbed & murdered Bruiser Brody In in a shower during A Puerto Rican event many years ago & Was Never convicted. Definitely one of the most shameful displays of greed non remorse and pissing on the grave of the legend they wrongfully took from this world many years before.

2. CM Punk Spreading the remains of Percy Pringle, aka Paul Bearer while standing atop a fallen Undertaker. Not only was this class list it was offensive and very triggering to anyone that respects life and Legacy. This segment definitely was DISGUSTING enough to make this triple threat countdown at #2

1. Owen Hart & The Show Going On! Just one of the many things I often wonder regarding weather Vince McMahon Chris had a couple of sleepless nights over the years via bad decisions. Owen wouldn’t have wanted it to continue and I know from personal conversation that none of the family agreed with McMahon’s decision of having that show must go on mentality.

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