WILLIAM REGAL. LORD STEVEN REGAL. Now weather it was alongside the gentleman chris adams or strutting that blueblood supremacy alongside beautiful, oops i mean! Sir Bobby Eaton in Wcw, Or demonstrating how glorious it was to be a man in the wwf, this classic, never let that stop him from shining & being a champion of many sorts, Just not the big one. the wwe championship.! regardless a hall of famer to be no matter what!

DAVEY BOY SMITH SR. The most famous & strongest british wrestler in pro wrestling history. a tag champ, an ic champ. a father & a husband to a few close friends of mine, but never wwe champion… its sad! because the british bulldog is iconic & its a shame guys like drew carey are in the hall of fame. Davey Boy Smith was truly larger than life inside the ring and outside the ring! always a prank to pass the time, always a smile to fans & colleges alike! Davey was truly a gem & is missed much by all fans & friends of the iconic Davey Boy Smith, The British Bulldog…

THE DYNAMITE KID TOM BILLINGTON & what more can i say! Explosive, Strong As An Ox, On The Edge & the most talented British Wrestler To Never Be Wwe champion.. i could go on and on about how dynamite tom billington was, but i’m not going to go there! & that’s why i summed that up so quickly! because real life matters more! so i bring you this!
The wife of Tom Billington “The Dynamite Kid”. As you may know, Tommy has been in a care home for thirteen months due to recent strokes and health issues. We have tried everything possible to get him back home, however unfortunately as we can not afford the full time care and the facilities to assist with his mobility he is unable to leave the care home.
-We are getting no royalties from wwf / wwe and we have never received any, nor had any help and support.
-We are asking for any kind of help! so we can bring Tommy home to Calgary, so The Dynamite Kid can be comfortable and happy again.

Now you can help Tom by visitiing :

– The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith Tops the list with two selections
– Wade Barrett. Bad News Barrett makes this countdown list in a big way. Wade Barrett has all the wrestling skills, The wrestling psychology & the look to be WWE Champion.
– Nigel McGuinness Makes this Greatest British Wrestlers countdown list all though Injury hurt his placing in this pro wrestling countdown.
– British wrestling legend Johnny Saint was a talented wrestler who paved the way in British wrestling. A World Of Sport Wrestling – WOS Wrestling mainstay & An inspiration to all British Wrestlers

EPIC FAIL OF THE WEEK: Meryll Streep, & Tna’s New logo – Anthem Sports Logo

Meryl Streep won big when she collected the CB.D Award at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, But is losing big in the public eye & is taking a lot of deserved flack over her speech in which she slammed Donald Trump. as openly mocking a disabled reporter at a rally. which was easilly debunked by a solid video by mark dice in a collage of trump body language situations! Now Back to Meryl who makes more in 3 months than we make in a lifetime is going to preach upon the people her divisive agenda based drool using “Disrespect invites disrespect, violence incites violence,” as nothing more than soundbyte oneliners, as she continued as she called on the media to take a stand against the incoming POTUS.
now in my opinion, these celebrities who want to preach their political agendas upon their audience, instead of doing what they are paid to do! & that’s my epic fail of the week!

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