Dead On Dave, Andre Corbeil & Rob Kimball Present: A WWE Countdown on the greatest Wrestlers in WWE history, Not In the WWE HOF!

Wrestling Match Of The Week: A Weekly Andre Corbeil Show Independent Wrestling Match. The Masterpiece Chris Masters vs The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith Jr. Andre Corbeil calls the action, As Chris Masters & Harry Smith fight for the Stu Hart Memorial Championship Trophy, In this Hart Legacy Wrestling main event match in Calgary Alberta Canada

Rosie O’Donnell Calling for Martial Law to Delay the Trump Inauguration, & it just shows the childish & entitled mindset of the hollywood elite. Not all, but its gotten far beyond disrespecting the democratic process & the time honored tradition of a peaceful transition of power. Rosie O’Donnell Is at it again! & has proposed a tactic to do just that — by imposing martial law to delay Trump’s inauguration. As The washed up comedian took to Twitter Wednesday night to call for the suspension of regular presidential succession rules until such time as Trump could be “cleared” of all the “charges” against him. O’Donnell didn’t specify to which charges she was referring.

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