Vince Russo Presents: (Andre Corbeil Show 71) WWE Royal Rumble Fails! Greatest Wrestling Debuts. Colt Cabana, Wrestling Match & WWE TNA News, & Much much more on Ep 71 of the Andre Corbeil Show. Major Wrestling news & Reactions from WWE TNA ROH! Royal Rumble 2017 fails – In this weeks Epic Fail Of The Week segment. Wwe Countdowns: (The Greatest Wrestling Debuts) on the Triple Threat Countdown + Raw vs. SmackDown Live this week, Wwe Universal title plans for Goldberg,The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns War for the yard heating up on Raw! John Cena winning his 16th wwe world title at Royal Rumble, & Cena saying that the Big Show really has something to prove at WrestleMania 33, Lucha Underground news as LU debuts on Netflix Feb. 15 2017, Also more lucha news, As! Ricochet’s Lucha Underground contract is up and he’s a free agent, Seth Rollins’ knee re-injury during Samoa Joe’s attack on Raw, & Seth Rollins commenting publicly on his knee injury & Samoa Joe, Rollins says his injury is ‘real’ & thanked Wwe fans for support vowing to ‘slay the king’ Early word on Seth Rollins’ injury is torn MCL, & Rollins will be out ‘about eight weeks’The Seth Rollins injury, also changes WrestleMania plans for Triple H, & Samoa Joe! Also Finn Balor couldn’t get cleared to return to WWE recently but he’s still expected for WrestleMania 33,Tommy Dreamer says he almost lost his eye in a freak accident,Mick Foley says he’s got insurance for hip surgery, again hints at Raw General Manager job ending,ROH news on Kevin Kelly done with Ring of Honor,TNA Impact results for (Feb. 2, 2017) Open Fight Night – The DCC Dominates, A Don West insane deals ShopTna Unboxing, Kimball Kompound Segment & WrestleMania 33 rumors, Plus – The Andre Corbeil show Match of the week, Featuring: Colt Cabana vs The Crosstitute. Wrestling match filmed by Andre Corbeil.

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