Hello everyone at The Brand, wow it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these but I’ve finally found something to inspire me to start writing again and it’s come from a very unlikely source.

Recently the WWE has produced two segments, one on Raw and one on SmackDown, that have really grabbed my attention and I am very interested in discussing. Those two segments are of course, The Festival of Friendship on Raw, and the Orton/Wyatt segment from SmackDown.


Going in, I had a feeling that this segment was either going to be brilliantly entertaining, or a complete train wreck. And I was very pleasantly surprised with the opening. Jericho doing his over the top act with the way he was dressed and coming out dancing with the showgirls was a great way to get the energy going.

And it only got better and even more entertaining when he brought Owens out and started showing him all of the gifts like the sculpture, the painting, all of that. Throughout the whole thing, Jericho carried the segment with Owens giving his straight shot replies perfectly and at the appropriate times. And Jericho’s line about him in the painting not needing pants was hilarious.

It was very nice to see Gillberg again, although it should also be a wake up call to the creative team that a novelty act from 1998 is more over than eighty percent of the roster and that they need to start doing right by these talents that bust their backsides in the ring several times a week.

Then they started getting into the deep stuff with Jericho completely flipping his character and professing how much his friendship with Kevin Owens meant to him. Not gonna lie, after seeing the gifts Jericho got I was kind of expecting him to come out and say he was legitimately in love with him.

And then came the swerve and whoever came up with the idea of doing the List of KO deserves a pat on the back cause that was a brilliant and creative way to do the Owens turn and for the first time in a long time, I actually felt a genuine emotion watching the beat down Owens put on Jericho. I truly wanted to see Jericho beat the crap out of Owens and that’s a feeling I haven’t felt watching wrestling in a long time. That, boys and girls, is what is called heat, something that has been desperately missing from wrestling for a long time.


This was the kind of character development that Bray has been needing for a very long time. We all knew that Orton was going to turn on Bray eventually but I don’t think anyone expected it this soon or how they did it.


And what they did was a stroke of brilliance in that Orton had gained access to Bray’s sanctuary and completely destroyed it, along with the body of Sister Abigail. Both men played their parts perfectly. It even kind of felt like those two were happy to finally have some material to sink their teeth into.

I’ve heard people complaining about the way Wyatt had reacted to the fire and in reality that was the perfect way for him to react. He just had his trust betrayed by someone he thought was family and had his home and the body of the woman he worshipped burned to cinders. It was the biggest blow he had received since his debut and it was one that shook him to his very core.

I personally hope they end up going with Bray being a babyface from here on out. He’s already got the fan base behind him, they just gotta book and write for him in a way that gets him cheered. The table is set and if they play their cards right, they could have their next Undertaker in Bray Wyatt.

That about wraps it up for this week and I’ll be back again with a new column next Monday. Thank you for reading and God bless each and every one of you.

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