Hello again visitors and fellow Brand members. Today’s column will be what I like to call WTF Wrestling. This column is basically about moments and decisions in wrestling that make you go “WTF” and recently WWE made some moves that made me go “WTF” that I will be getting into today.

Recently they managed to strike gold with a segment in which Orton finally turned on Bray Wyatt, delivering to him probably the biggest blow in his life, destroying his sanctuary and object of worship which reduced the Eater of Worlds into a blubbering mess. Never before had Bray Wyatt felt this level of betrayal before and you just knew that he was going to hunt Orton down for his crimes against him.

What followed the next week however, was something that was very head scratching and lacked anything resembling common sense and decent television writing.

The show opened with a recap of the show’s closing angle from the previous week and we had Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon in the ring where they basically stand there for seven minutes and talk about the main event between AJ Styles and Orton and how the winner goes on to face Wyatt at WrestleMania. They also added that Bryan was backing Orton and Shane was backing Styles. That’s literally all I can remember about that segment. All they did was spend that entire segment recapping the angle from last week, and hyping an already announced match.

Since Smackdown had been doing a decent job with this lately, I was thinking they would do a show-long thread of something with Wyatt playing some kind of mind games with Orton or at least do some video packages with new material of him explaining where he’s at mentally or what he plans on doing next. Just something to see his reaction and keep him in peoples’ minds.

Instead, he was completely swept under the rug. The WWE Champion, the face of the Smackdown brand, the franchise player…nowhere to be seen or heard of at all on the show except for the replay of the previous week’s angle. This is unacceptable and lazy booking/writing and they should really re-watch this show so they know not to do it again.

On a much better note, the Styles/Orton match was fantastic. The fake out spot with AJ seeing the RKO coming was brilliant. Made AJ look like a genius which in turn made Orton look even better when he caught him with it later. This is the kind of booking and matchmaking that elevates both wrestlers involved and needs to be applied to all matches up and down the card.

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