Hello again everybody and I’m back with a new column for a site and a product I’m proud to be able to contribute to. I know I had said I was going to write something on some new material I’ve been getting into but unfortunately I’ve been running into mental road blocks with it so it’s going on the back burner for now, may be done for next week while this is released this week.

1. New Trailer Park Boys on March 31

As I’m sure most of you who have read my earlier works are aware of I’m a huge fan of the Canadian mockumentary comedy series entitled Trailer Park Boys. As of this writing, the new season will be out this Friday and what’s been shown so far in the trailer shows a lot of promise. According to the trailer, it’s being billed as a back to basics season for the boys where they go back to committing crimes, coming up with money making schemes, and of course tons of liquor and dope. Should be a great season like usual.

2. The Release of Patch 7.2 for World of Warcraft

Just to put things into a bit of a perspective, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for about ten years now and in my opinion, this is the best storytelling they’ve done in the franchise’s history. For anyone who’s been following along with the game and the story, it looks like we may be ending our conflict with the Burning Legion this expansion. It’s pretty much confirmed that Kil’Jaeden will die for good at the end of the new raid that was released which only leaves Sargeras above him in the pecking order. Add that to the fact that they’ve brought out a TON of heavy hitter characters and advancing storylines that have been on the back burner for years as well as already telling us our final battle this expansion will take place on the Legion’s home turf is a sign that it looks like the Legion’s story is going to be concluded in this expansion and I’m very intrigued to see how they end it and then segue into the new threat we’ll have to face. My prediction? We triumph over the Legion to return home to Azeroth only to find it having been taken over by the Old Gods, released through our reckless actions to purge the Legion.

3. Current WWE Product

As much of a hard time as some of us here give the WWE for the product they put out, I have to admit that they have made several strides toward improvement. Bray Wyatt’s finally being put into angles and situations that gives his character some material to sink his teeth into and Orton has been the perfect adversary for him as he’s the only one that could believably outwit him. And the supernatural elements have only added flavor to the feud as well. And the segment a couple of weeks ago with Foley/HHH/Stephanie/Rollins was unbelievably good with all participants playing their roles perfectly and Mick finally getting to cut that money promo on Stephanie. Just listening to the reaction that Rollins got when he came out to make the save was the biggest pop I’ve ever heard him get and it shows that they are on the right track with him being never say die, anti-authority babyface. If I were booking this, I’d get the belt on Reigns somehow, turn him heel and side with HHH’s rumored new faction and have Rollins chase him to next year’s Mania and beat him there.

Speaking of Reigns, man has that dude gotten so much more comfortable on the mic with him talking all this trash to the Undertaker. And he’s not shying away from generating a negative reaction from the crowd which is even better. I really think his career could reach new heights if they turned him heel and took the handcuffs completely off of him.

Overall I personally feel that they are indeed making improvements to their product and are starting to put more effort into the main programs. It’s a start but they have a long way to go to get the casual fanbase back on board again.

And that about wraps it up for me this week. I will return again next week with some new content. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you all later.