We are two weeks in to the reformatted Vince Russo’s The Brand content, and we want to know if you are enjoying the shows!

For those that aren’t yet caught up, here are some new things we are doing:

RAW Review – Vince Russo and Jeff Lane are watching RAW, and giving their full thoughts Tuesday on The RELM Network and Wednesday on PodcastOne. RELM Network members are able to watch Vince and Jeff record this show live Monday nights after RAW, and ask Vince questions in the chat room after the show!

Castrating the Marks and their Dirt Sheets – Vince is letting loose and the so called “experts” of the IWC on this new show where we play actual clips of other podcasts, followed by a verbal spanking by Vince!

New Wrestler Interviews – New content is always coming as far as guests on the shows, including Stone Cold Steve Austin and Sean Waltman this coming week!

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