Hello fellow Brand members and casual visitors, I’m back again with something a little different than what you’ve been seeing from me these past couple of weeks as I’ve started watching a new show that’s got me hooked and I’ve been really enjoying.

I know that Parks and Recreation has been out for quite awhile now (2009-15) and I’m well aware that I am late to the party on this one, which I deeply regret after watching as much of it as I have as of late (on the last season as I’m writing this). This is a very good comedy show that did things a bit differently than most sitcoms.

First thing is that it’s done in mockumentary style of shooting. That’s always one of the things I enjoy about Trailer Park Boys, so they’re already off on a good start with that particular aspect of the show. However, the characters are what stood out to me the most. Every character on the show has their own unique characteristics and personalities that makes them all stand out from each other, and their interactions are a very integral part of the progression of the series.

Of course the series’ breakout character (as well as my own personal favorite) is the director of the Parks and Recreation Department, Ron Swanson. A staunch Libertarian, his idea of a perfect government is just one man who sits behind a desk and decides who to nuke while everything else is taken care of by the private sector. He is also a bit of a caricature of a man’s man in that he finds most enjoyment out of hunting and working with his hands while also slightly resembling the Brawny man.

Although honestly, I think anyone can watch this show and find a little piece of themselves in every character they relate to, which is one of the things I think is most important about this show. Everyone is relatable in some form or another which makes for a very diverse and entertaining cast.

The writing of the show is also done very well as should be expected considering one of the creators of the show is Greg Daniels, who was a writer for The Simpsons during the time period when they were arguably at their peak. Daniels also is a co-creator of King of the Hill and the driving force behind the American adaptation of The Office.

All in all, Parks and Recreation is a lighthearted and very funny show with a warm and relateable cast of characters with terrific writing and phenomenal acting. Definitely worth at least checking out.

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