Episode twelve of Rocky Mountain Pro Charged re-released free for the first time and produced by Vince Russo and Jeff Lane!

It’s the penultimate episode of Rocky Mountain Pro Charged season 1 as the talent gear up for next week’s double-length season finale! Humphrey Jacobs I was jumped at his place of business last week by the RMP Champion “Sugar Free” Mario Vanjur, and this week HJ1 says he will be calling out the champ in the ring. Nanny AC will defend the Lockette’s Championship against Allie Gato in the first ever “Fight All Night” match, but will we see another mysterious Unholy Trinity appearance? Also, “Rolls” Royce Isaacs takes on Anaya as he has his sights set on his brother Hoodlum, Curtis Cole is looking for Vince Russo and Filter, and much more on tonight’s episode of Charged!

Visit TheRockyMountainPro.com This episode originally aired on The RELM Network on Jan. 24, 2017.