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It’s time, it’s time. it’s CASTRATING TIME!!! The most popular podcast on the planet, “Castrating the Marks and Their Dirt Sheets“, takes its turn today as Vince once again EXPOSES the “so-called” wrestling “experts” by using their own audio clips against them to make them look . . . well . . . like the imbeciles they are. On today’s show, Vince has a field day with the PATHETIC PRESS as they discuss the “ICONIC TRIO” that drew 2.5 million viewers in the last hour of RAW, what “annoys” them about fictional TV character Jinder Mahal, covering fake fighting and boasting about their own IQs, Finn Balor being . . . well . . . just great, the ATROCITY called the House of Horrors, Booker T. sounding “foolish” and Seth Rollins’ EPIC babyface promo. The hits just keep on coming!!!