Biting the Bullet: A Raw Review in Bullet Points

Hey guys, I’m here with a new weekly column where I will be giving a quick review of Raw in bullet point form. Here we go.

-I like the idea of having Bray targeting the other men he was in the 5-way match with. Gives some sense of direction and a goal for his character.

-The execution of the idea though leaves much to be desired as he was completely bitched out by Reigns.

-I’m glad they’re not ignoring the obvious of having Cass being one of the main suspects in who’s been attacking Enzo.

-I wish they’d delve a bit more into what’s going on with Angle continually looking at his phone. Two weeks and it’s just been some quick back and forths with him and Corey Graves. A little forward motion would really help this story.

-And it was nice to see them acknowledge how bad that Alexa/Bayley segment was last week. Didn’t like that they put the heat on Alexa for it.

-Whoever wrote the lyrics for Samson’s song tonight needs to be assigned to another project. Wow those were bad. But at least the segment hyped up Miz’s celebration later and started to move Ambrose into his next program.

-Smart follow up to have Angle bar Ambrose from the building to keep him from interrupting Miz’s celebration.

-I liked that they had Joe explain a different motivation for going after Lesnar. Not one person has mentioned wanting the job and perks that Lesnar has and I’m surprised that hasn’t come up in the five years since he’s been back.

-Going back and reading how this segment played out actually made me like it more in that it had the goal of trying to make Joe look like a threat to Lesnar and having him cap it off with choking out Heyman now gives Lesnar a reason to have heat with Joe.

-Good stuff with Joe and Angle backstage with Joe not backing down and even threatening Angle.

-I’m sorry but ‘rah rah’ babyface Rollins does nothing for me. Feels way too forced. IMO he should be a more rebellious babyface, that seemed to work better for him IMO.

-Liked that they kept the Cesaro/Sheamus vs. Heath Slater/Rhyno match as short as they did, give them a quick, dominant win and I’m glad they used that great “We don’t set the bar, we are the bar line” again. That’s something that would sell shirts.

-This whole Neville/TJP angle feels like they’re trying to attempt a story but without putting any real creative effort into it.

-Goldust looks the most motivated and invigorated I’ve seen him since he first came back 3 years ago during that angle with him, Cody, and Dusty and the Shield. Interested to see what he does once they advance this story.

-I liked that they had Alexa play to the egos of Dana and Mickie and even moreso that they saw right through it. Unfortunately that wouldn’t last.(More on that later)

-This is the second week of the Corey Graves/Kurt Angle text message saga and this week didn’t really do much if anything at all to advance it further.

-I saw no point in having the Titus/Kalisto match, at least it was kept brief.

-This is a logical progression in the Enzo/Cass mystery to have Cass laid out like this as it shows two possible paths. Whoever’s doing this is out to get both of them, or Cass faked it. Adding the clue of the chain in there added even more depth to the story.

-Not gonna lie, they managed to throw me off on this segment as I was expecting this to be a cookie cutter celebration segment with the heel bragging and then getting jumped by the babyface in disguise and although that’s how it ended, how they got there was satisfying as it provided material to build on next week.

-Big Show being Enzo’s partner was a nice surprise as he’s been off TV long enough for it to be slightly unexpected. And I thought they meshed pretty well together during the pre-match schtick.

-Very happy to see them follow up with Cass’ reaction to Big Show being Enzo’s partner.

-What I’m liking about these R-Truth/Goldust vignettes the most is that they’re not stand alone, they are actually in response to each other.

-Whatever good will they build in the last segment with Dana/Mickie was completely erased during this match when they fell for Alexa’s ploy to get them to DQ her. I did like that they protected Nia by having her go after all three women instead of just Alexa.

-Good job giving fans a reason to want to tune in next week by promoting a confrontation between Lesnar and Joe.

-Glad they remembered how earlier in the night what Bray vowed and Rollins’ insult in an earlier promo and factored that into the finish of the match.

Was honestly pretty shocked about this show. I may be overstating and giving them more credit than they’re due probably due to them doing things I was not expecting but then again when you expect nothing you get a little excited when a few somethings happens in one show. Thanks for reading.