Biting the Bullet: A Raw Review in Bullet Points

Greetings once again and welcome to another edition of Biting the Bullet and once again I will be breaking down my thoughts on Raw in bullet point format. Last week it looked like they started to put some oars in the water, let’s see if they continued paddling them into this week.

-Very nice to hear a Heyman promo with new material relevant to the feud and program.

-God bless Paul Heyman doing his best to try and sell Joe as a potential threat to Lesnar.

-Wow, was very shocked to see Joe and Lesnar mix it up at the beginning of the show to give it a hot start. And damn when they stand next to each other, there’s not as much of a size difference as you would think. I seriously hope they follow this througout the show. This NEEDS to be the story that plays out all night and climaxes at the end. (Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t)

-Thought they had better lyrics for Samson this week than last week but that’s like saying getting stabbed is better than getting shot.

-Why are Ambrose and Samson going one on one this long in their first match? What are they gonna do going forward if this going to be a program?

-They seriously spent 15-20 mins doing what they could have in 5.

-Another good Goldust vignette but I think it’s time to start bringing these two back to the live arena.

-Logical follow up with Miz and Angle. They seem to be on a bit of an upward trend with continuity and I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they’ll follow up on this later in the show. (Spoiler Alert: They don’t)

-At least they’re attempting to try something different with the Cruiserweights I will give them that. That entrance with Noam and Alicia was unique and different.

-Cool package of Reigns.

-Strong promo from Wyatt and a good, logical followup but why didn’t they continue this angle later in the show with Wyatt stalking Rollins or trying to play mindgames with him?

-It would make sense that Titus O’Neil would try and recruit more wrestlers to build his stable but the stuff with him and Tozawa looks incredibly awkward.

-Lame backstage segment but at least they attempted to follow up the pre-tape with Miz and Angle

-Where’s the followup to Brock/Joe? And haven’t heard anything about the Enzo/Cass mystery yet.

-This was a bad segment all around, no one was protected and no one cared. There was no reason for Emma to get involved, she could have made her return in her own segment so she could have more time to get herself over.

-The brawl should have been still going on when the show returned from commercial with Kurt Angle coming out losing his mind that he’s losing control of the show.

-This sit down interview absolutely buried Bayley.

-A bear with a bearhug. I’ve seen it all.

-I’m very glad to see that they didn’t forget the tension between Miz and Maryse with her refusing a kiss from him backstage earlier and now him accidentally knocking her off the apron to keep it going.

-Seriously though, what was the point of Ambrose hitting his finisher on Slater? I guess maybe to show the viewers that he was in the costume now but still though, stupid.

-Where was the chain from last week that was found by Cass after he was laid out?

-I don’t know if they should be doing an angle with a guy wrestling with a concussion while this lawsuit is still ongoing.

-No idea where they’re going with Enzo, Cass, and Big Show, but they need to move it forward faster, interest is starting to wane.

-I wish they’d put as much effort into building characters and champions as they have done with Neville. He’s clearly the centerpiece of the Cruiserweights.

-Completely horrible ending to the show. No angle, no hook out of that finish. Just double countout, here’s your belts, goodnight everyone.

Definitely a step back from last week’s show but at least some things carried over from last week and it’s looking like there will be stuff from this week to carry over into next. Will they actually follow up on it? This is WWE afterall and I’ll believe it when I see it. Thanks for reading.

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