In this episode of Vince Russo’s THE BRAND, Vince RussoJeff Lane, and Rue break down last night’s RAW with Vince looking at the show from a writing perspective, trying to figure out and understand why Vince McMahon would shoot his main angle between Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar in the first 13 minutes of the show knowing full well he was going head-to-head with the NBA Playoffs. Vince analyzes just how important the formatting and structuring is to any television show regardless of the genre. Vince also asks the WWE script writers, if Bayley was in the WWE to “make people laugh”, then why didn’t she go to clown school instead of wrestling school? As far as highlights? Vince puts over Karl Anderson’s laugh as easily being the best thing on the show. And then there was the BEAR THING.

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