Biting the Bullet: A Raw Review in Bullet Points

It’s that time of the week again where I present to you, The Brand, Biting the Bullet which is me giving my thoughts on Raw in bullet point fashion. Here we go.

-Reigns is really starting to feel like he’s coming into his own on the mic. I’m wondering if they’re giving him more creative freedom with his character.

-Glad they had Joe almost immediately out there to confront Reigns for glossing over him when he listed the people he beat and then Reigns doubling down on that statement when Joe got in his face.

-And again, very happy to see Joe get the first shot in but they ended up hurting him when they had him back off after a Superman punch. I could have seen him being surprised by that and taking a powder, then jumping back in to continue the brawl and have it get broken up again and then Kurt comes out and makes the match for later.

-Nothing match. Sucks that the Hardy’s have been back for almost three months and they already feel like just another act on the card.

-I’ve enjoyed the back and forth vignettes between Goldust and R-Truth but am glad they’re finally taking the program back in front of a live audience.

-I know they had him come back later but that was just flat out weak having Elias back down from Balor especially considering how Elias towers over him.

-Glad they’re selling the Womens’ MITB controversy on Raw as well. Shows that what happened is important to the story.

-Anyone notice how they deliberately were name dropping Conor McGregor?

-I really really do not like what they’re doing with Rollins. This new “rah rah” babyface thing they’re doing with him just feels way too forced.

-I will say that it felt like the program with Wyatt/Rollins moved forward this week, albeit slightly with some of the content of Wyatt’s promo. However will they follow up on that next week or down the line? I’m more optimistic than I have been in the past that they will.

-I’m glad they had Elias get his heat back on Balor when he attacked him during the interview but again I still can’t get over how weak they made him look just leaving the ring when Balor stepped in

-While this match definitely went longer than neccessary, it wasn’t without a few bells and whistles and at least had a goal in mind. And even though this match went to commercial, they at least attempted to put a hook in with Neville coming out and cutting a promo but honestly IMO it would have worked better if Neville came out, then commercial, and then when the show comes back, he’s at the announce table explaining to viewers why he’s out there.

-Liking these little teases of Angle talking to the suspects of who’s been attacking Enzo and Cass and of course the follow up of Goldust’s vignette with R-Truth’s response.

-If they’re going to split Miz and Maryse then I’m very happy to see that he’s going to be getting his own stable. Him getting an entourage is IMO the next logical step for his character. And would you look at that, they even found something for Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel to do now.

-Loved the finish to Joe/Reigns and a cool surprise return for Strowman for those who hadn’t had it spoiled for them already.

-Even though I enjoyed the finish, not a lot of people did as I noticed a few people thinking this makes Joe look weak and I disagree. It actually got Joe’s finisher over as something devestating and dangerous as after he let go, Reigns never got up on his own power and literally laid in the ring for who knows how long before Strowman got there to slam Reigns and Reigns didn’t even fight back.

-Another good segment with Miz and Maryse and it wasn’t that surprising that it was Axel and Dallas in the bear costumes but sometimes predictability is good as long as it makes sense and fits the story.

-And yet another nothing tag match that didn’t do anything for anyone.

-Nice little video package to hype Joe and Lesnar while promoting that both guys will be live next week.

-Man this women’s segment was a mess. It’s like they remembered some things and forgot others. Like Emma flip flopping with Alexa going from wanting to attack her to joining her in stomping Sasha in the blink of an eye.

-I was really hoping that it wouldn’t be Cass and then have the team split because I don’t believe for a second they came close to scratching the surface what they could have done with them as a team. Both guys did a great job in their roles and I do have a bit of an interest to see how this plays out and see how Cass can do on his own.

That does it for this week. See you next week.

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