Kevin Nash opens up to friend of 25 years, Vince Russo, on a part of his life he rarely talks about–including slapping his head coach at the University of Tennessee and his tenure in the United States Military. From there, Big Sexy talks about his special bond with Shawn Michaels, that night where he along with Triple H, HBK and Razor Ramon almost single handedly killed Madison Square Garden and whether, or not, he gave Vince McMahon the chance to match the offer he received from WCW before jumping ship, what would have happened had Vince McMahon accepted Eric Bischoff’s challenge at Slamboree ’98, his program with CM Punk, whose Diesel he’d like to be in 2016, employees vs. independent contractors, failing a WWE drug test in 2013 and his thoughts on NXT. Kevin about as honest as Kevin gets!

Originally aired on May 12 & 19, 2016 – The Swerve episodes #96 & 97