Biting the Bullet: A Raw Review in Bullet Points

Hello once again y’all it’s me again giving my bullet point review of Raw. Unfortunately it seems like we took a couple of steps back this week and it indeed showed up in the numbers. Hopefully WWE saw the difference between the two shows and does something to move forward again.

-It seems like each week Roman feels more and more comfortable on the mic and is finding his groove.

-I legit for a second thought somehow Steiner was back when I heard the sirens blaring. And it turns out I wasn’t the only one cause as soon as that happened he started trending on Twitter.

-Reigns needs to snap and heel on the fans. He got ragdolled into the side of an ambulance in a very nasty looking bump and people were cheering that. Dude is so entertaining roasting people who rip on him on Twitter I have no idea why they don’t let him do that on the mic.

-However, here’s the thing. They could have stretched this out through the hour and had it climax with the throw into the ambulance spot. Maybe when Strowman jumps Reigns he fights back a little bit, maybe was expecting it and they fight to the back and go to commercial. Come back from commercial they’re still going at it as the locker room pulls them apart and they’re taken to separate rooms. Leading up to the bottom of the hour show a few clips of them pacing in their locker rooms, maybe throwing/breaking something and just before the last commercial break of the hour, Strowman smashes down his door and we go to commercial. Come back and we see Strowman break into Reigns’ room and they go at it again, fighting to where the ambulance is parked at and do the same thing with a build up to it. And then afterward Strowman could throw Reigns in the back and then drive off leaving the viewer wondering just what else this psychotic monster could do next.

-Very nice touch having Sheamus and Cesaro join Samson for his song. Too bad they didn’t do anything with it.

-“Elias had no reason to be out there.” -Michael Cole. Um he’s 1/6 of the match there genius.

-Excellent heel spot with Sheamus/Finn/Samson on the ropes

-However, again why are these guys(Sheamus/Cesaro/Hardys) wrestling for the 42385th time and why did it need to go almost 18 minutes through a commercial?

-Loved that vignette to hook the viewer into sticking around into watching the Goldust/R-Truth match. I’ve said this before but Goldust really feels motivated again now that he’s got at least something he can work with.

-I really like this rendition of Goldust and really hope they do something with this as Dustin Rhodes is a tremendous performer and could do a fantastic job of reinventing himself if they give him something good to work with.

-I’m 99.9 percent sure that the whole point of having the Balls on the show was to get coverage on ESPN and maybe something would happen that could go viral on social media. Well at least they can say they accomplished that if that was the case.

-Ugh, why did we have another pointless six man tag go into double-digit minute length and through a break?

-Please do not let Enzo get lost in the shuffle, this guy proved he’s more than just a catchphrase spitting machine and that he’s also great at carrying a story on the microphone. What happened with him and Cass was magic and one of the most emotional things I’ve seen in a long time. For a second I actually believed Cass was being sincere and even felt some relief that maybe they could still get some mileage out of the team but as we all saw that was not to be.

-I liked that they had the logical follow-up of Cass wanting to kick Graves’ ass for ratting him out and then covering not being able to by being protected by Angle, and then even continued the angle with Kurt and Graves and cleared it up that it now looks like Graves has information that he’s hanging over Kurt’s head.

-This is getting way too routine with Rollins/Wyatt, it’s the same formula every week. Rollins comes out and has a match/promo and then Wyatt interrupts, makes empty threats and then we never see anything from either of those two for the rest of the night.

-I’ll give them credit at least for trying to build interest to the gauntlet match and make it feel like a big deal by having those pre-tapes of the girls drawing numbers for their spot in the match even though it’s well past cliché at this point.

-Out of all of the not already established guys that Lesnar has worked with since he’s been back, I think Joe’s been built up the best as a credible threat to Lesnar – with what they did in this segment by making it believable that Joe’s submission hold could actually defeat Lesnar. I can’t recall the last time I saw Lesnar left laying like that to the point where I don’t even remember seeing him get to his feet before the commercial break.

-But again here lies the problem. Where was the follow-up to that? Where’s Lesnar back from commercial break destroying whatever is in his path backstage while screaming for Joe’s head? Why aren’t we seeing Joe now stalking Lesnar as this is going on, waiting for his moment to strike again and then we end the show with Joe actually choking Lesnar out and standing tall over his unconscious body?

-Again, I’ll give them credit with at least sticking with the gimmick and staying consistent with Akira Tozawa/Titus Worldwide.

-Heyman I think has done a pretty amicable job of trying to get Joe over as a credible threat to Lesnar but back to what I said earlier about how I think this story should have followed up, could instead have Heyman beg Lesnar to calm down and even mention that he’s playing right into Joe’s hands by letting his anger dictate his judgement.

-Makes sense that Alexa would try and buddy up to Nia and I’m glad that they didn’t have her fall for it again.

-And as far as the booking of the finish of the gauntlet, why did Nia have to go under clean when they had the perfect out of Alexa screwing her out of the title opportunity – which would then put even more heat on the feud and make the people want to see Nia get her hands on Alexa even more. This is wrestling booking 101. I don’t know how they get something like this so wrong.

Definitely some missteps here when compared to last week but they did get some things right and again I hope they pay attention to what the numbers tell them and then adjust accordingly. Thanks again for reading and I’ll see you all next week.

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