In a very special edition of Lions, Tigers, Bears & Disco, Vince Russo, Jeff Lane and Glenn Gilbertti (Disco Inferno) welcome Vince’s former writing partner Ed Ferrara, as the Fearsome Foursome interview the creator of what the entire wrestling world is talking about, TNA’s Final Deletion, “JB” Jeremy Borash. In this exclusive interview, Borash goes into intricate detail involving the short film that has changed the landscape in the wrestling world. Interesting enough, Ed Ferrara had a much different viewpoint concerning the piece, as he lays out his critique of the spectacle. In a side note—-Disco managed to once again hog the airtime, even stealing if from the young Quentin Tarrentino—Borash.

This program originally aired on The RELM Network July 8, 2016 and PodcastOne July 11, 2016