It started in a small studio in West Babylon, NY, back in 1991. The show Was called “Vicious Vincent’s World of Wrestling“, and it was designed to ENTERTAIN the wrestling fans amidst all the “Dirt Sheet Shows” that were exposing the business and taking it WAY too seriously. Along with the Mat Rat (Jim Monsees) and Skull Von Krush (Vito LoGrasso–aka “Big Vito”), Vince Russo would don his cape and hat on a weekly business and become part of the SPORTS-ENTERTAINMENT Circus. Well, after a TWENTY-SIX year hiatus, Vince and Vito reunited to bring you a comprehensive breakdown of BattleGround, and the WWE overall. Friendship is RARE—especially in the wrestling business. As Vince says, “You can count your true friends on two, maybe three fingers.” Have fun folks–that’s what we’re here for!

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