Biting the Bullet: A 205 Live Review in Bullet Points by Brandon Stransky

Hello once again everyone I’m back with Biting the Bullet and this week for the first time ever I’m watching 205 Live. Let’s see how it went. Take into account that this is my first time watching this show and I’m only vaguely familiar with what’s been going on.

-Can’t remember the last time I saw a show open with a backstage interview and a recap segment.

-Just a character thing, why is Neville referring to 205 Live as his ‘world’ instead of his ‘kingdom?’

-Gotta say Tozawa rocks the suit pretty well. Good look for him. They’re having him on commentary for Neville vs. Daivari.

-I will admit that I am a little biased towards Ariya Daivari. I took part in a training camp that he also was at a few years back and I liked what I saw and am very happy to see him in the WWE. Dude can work and talk on the mic. Just let him have the opportunity. The only critique I could give is to maybe add some mass and the guy would look like a superstar IMO.

-Good opening promo with Daivari and am stunned they’re actually doing a heel vs heel match on WWE programming.

-And Daivari is actually being a heel. Not trying to be cool but to make people hate his guts. Not enough of that anymore.

-I thought that was a good opening match between Daivari and Neville. Told a story and wasn’t a meaningless spotfest. I liked the finish of the match with Neville and Tozawa(who was at color) jawing at ringside and then Daivari shoving Neville into Tozawa and then beating the count back into the ring for the win. And they managed to protect Tozawa when he didn’t go after them by having him sell the shoulder injury being aggrevated.

-Still some problems with the match. If you were going to have Daivari win by countout then why not make it a title match? And why would Daivari jump Neville at the start of the match and then bail afterward when Neville got in the ring after the match? Doesn’t make sense.

-Both guys though at least know their characters and know how to work them. Good work from the wrestlers involved.

-Oh wow they actually did have Tozawa try and go after Neville, injured shoulder and all and the only reason he didn’t was cause the refs held him back. I will give them credit, they are at least trying to get Tozawa over as a never say die style babyface.

-Gulak and Ali have wrestled each other 5 times already? Come on guys you can be more creative than just throwing them out there in matches every week.

-This match recap of Gulak and Ali only needed to be 1 minute tops. Went way too long.

-If they’re doing this thing with Kendrick and Gallagher with Kendrick calling Gallagher out for not being a fighter, I hope they actually bring up Gallagher’s 2-0 MMA record.

-Points for trying something new with the clown bit, but swing and a miss IMO. Doesn’t mean stop trying different things.

-I like this Jack Gallagher a lot better. Although the first thing that came to mind when I saw him in that suit was the father of the Weasley family from Harry Potter. It is a much better look for him though than what he was wearing. And I like the no nonsense approach it looks like they may be going with him now.

-But come on AGAIN with the having the heel run away for no reason?

-It does indeed seem like they’re teasing the legit fighter route for Gallagher as Graves mentioned on commentary that Kendrick doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into with what he’s saying about Gallagher.

-W in T F did I just watch with TJP, Nese, Swann, and Alexander? This looked like a really bad script reading. How could anyone clear this to air? Way to bury all 4 of these guys by not giving a damn about what you put on TV.

-Tony Nese just winged his material live as he was making his entrance and showed 10x more charisma and character there than he did in that horrible scripted pre-tape. Seriously I popped seeing him individually count each one of his ab muscles. Give these guys more freedom!!!!!

-Usual kind of cruiserweight tag match you’d expect to close out a show where they do crazy stuff and the finish is a roll up.

-I think there is a hidden gem on this show and his name is Tony Nese. Dude looks and carries himself like a star.

Overall par for the course WWE show just with smaller guys where all the show is made up of is standalone segments with nothing building or threading throughout the show, no real writing effort at all. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back next week, not yet sure which show I’ll be reviewing. Catch you all later.

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