In this very special edition of The Swerve, Vince Russo interviews Ray Leppan – former WWE Superstar Adam Rose – about his life before, during and now after the WWE. Ray tackles such subjects as: why he clipped his locks following his WWE departure, living homeless as a teen growing up, dealing with the life-threatening issues of his son Maverick, his career in NXT, unforgettable comments made to him by Michael Hayes, having a pre-determined level of success in the WWE, his failing the wellness policy drug test and going public with his doctor’s note that he was indeed prescribed medication to treat his ADHD—-and the WWE was fully aware of it. He then goes on to talk about asking for his WWE release, and the domestic violence charges that followed—but, were later dropped. Ray hides nothing in this interview—he answers all questions with the utmost integrity.

Originally aired on Jun. 23 & 30, 2016 – The Swerve episodes #106 & #108