Having known Raven for some 25 years, Vince Russo gets deep into the head of a genius that many don’t understand, or appreciate with the utmost respect that the former writer and friend does. In this interview Raven opens up about many things he’s never discussed before including his battle with narcolepsy, why he hasn’t watched wrestling since 2000, never being comfortable with the cheers of the crowd, what agents had it out for him in WWE, disorders he’s been diagnosed with, his dad’s humor aimed at him affecting his self esteem, why he’s still single, never having “the match”, his thoughts on David Arquette, and Vince Russo’s booking. why he sometimes thinks of his career as a “failure”. Get ready—this is deep—and only an interview that Raven can give!

Originally aired on July 21 & 28, 2016 – The Swerve episodes #111 & #112