Food For Thought.

This Colin Kaepernick thing is way out of control. A rally in United We Stand. This guy knelt down during the national anthem. Praised Fidel Castro, called cops pigs, and spoke against white people when white people raised him. Then to his dislike, doesn’t have a job because the owners stand united not to hire him. They don’t want a distraction, a rebel, they want football players to play a game they pay you for. Politic on your own time, not their time. The best is because he doesn’t have a job, he will stand for the national anthem. Doesn’t that make your stand a fake, a phony, make you a hypocrite? His stand, if you remember, caused riots and looting. But now he cries unfair treatment. What about the innocent people who were hurt during his protest? Now he promises to be a good boy. You make me sick and I can’t stand fakes. All who protest on the national stage will be without jobs. Why? Because it’s the wrong place to advertise your beliefs. Do it on your own time. If you have beliefs, have the integrity to see it through. See the person who writes this to his beliefs and sees things through. Never kiss ass, it makes you weak. My thoughts for today.

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